SmartSource Rentals was originally founded in 1984 under the name Rent-a-PC, Inc. And during our more than 30 years of business we’ve had plenty of time to not only becomes experts in technology and how to help you best use it to your advantage, but also to understand  the technology issues companies struggle with most.

Every company is faced, at one time or another, with the question of whether it’s going to be smarter to rent or buy technology equipment.

And we know that the specific equipment you are considering, and what you are going to use that equipment for, are key components in answering that question.

The first article in our “Smarter to Rent or Buy” series, talks about the specifics of the Touch Screen Kiosk and what factors to consider in order to make your rent vs. buy decision.

This article’s focus is on Video Wall Displays, and the particulars you should consider in determining which route is going to be better for your company.

Video Wall Displays are one of those high-impact technologies that, when done right, grab immediate attention and give you the ability, literally, to have your brand up in lights. 

Video Wall Displays

A Video Wall Display is created by arranging multiple monitors on a wall. Part of the reason video walls can provide such high impact is the potential sheer size also the versatility. What makes a Video Wall Display so versatile?

  • A video wall display does not have to be designed by lining up the monitors so that they form a simple large rectangle. This can be an artistic endeavor and the display can be arranged in any configuration to create your desired effect.
  • The monitors can be configured so that together they act as one large screen.
  • The monitors can be programmed to act independently for a variety of effects.  


When it’s Smarter to Buy Your Video Wall Display

There are situations when it might be more cost effective for you to consider purchasing what you need for a video wall.

When should you consider buying?

  • Your IT department has the time and resources to take on new project.
  • Your IT department has the in house designers and programmers willing and able to learn and develop the necessary skills.
  • You are going to use the video wall in one spot to highlight your brand.
  • You need a single installation video wall in a certain location, for instance, the front entry of your business.
  • You are going to use your video wall to display a single consistent message, such a welcome message.
  • You exhibit at events frequently, perhaps 15+ times per year, so new viewers can see the message/images enable you to program once and use the content for a long period of time. In this way, your booth size can always support the video wall.
  • You are going to use the display as an unchanging center piece. An example of this would be at an airport, or other high traffic location, that provides a steady stream of new viewers that do not require frequent new programming. When it’s Smarter to Rent Your Video Wall Display

Video walls are probably more complicated than you think. Since an effective video wall display is not created simply by putting up one picture or image that is then divided up, the programming can be quite complex.

You should rent your Video Wall Display equipment when:

  • Your IT department does not have the skillset to support multiple monitors that need color calibration and programming. You are no doubt aware how much work your IT department has to put in to maintaining and programming the computers and monitors your employees use every day. Now imagine the skillset it requires to create an effective, synchronized, Video Wall Display.
  • You like to create a high impact at events, so you need to regularly adjust your message and images for different events or customers.
  • You go to events and exhibit on an infrequent basis.
  • The size of your exhibit booth changes.
  • What you will need your video wall display to accomplish will change depending on the event and/or audience.
  • You want to have a devoted team of designers and programmers that already have the skillset needed to program and color calibrate the monitors.
  • You want to experiment with display layout and programming in order to determine what is going to best help you hit your company goals.
  • Your IT department does not have the time or resources to take on the project.

We love technology. And knowing all the great things technology can do for your company means you probably do too. That’s why at SmartSource Rentals we’ve made it our mission to exceed your expectations when it comes to renting computer, audio visual and interactive technology. We are always happy to answer questions, even when it comes to deciding whether it’s better for you to rent or buy. Contact us today.