Are you confused about the best way to present your products and services on the trade show floor? As you look out to your show schedule for the remainder of the year and throughout 2014, it is important to be in sync with digital advances that will make presenting your message more timely and cost efficient. 

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently completed a project dedicated to the ways attendees want to receive trade show information and the ways exhibitors want to deliver it. Believe it or not, in most cases there is a wide gap between the segments. 

Today's blog is dedicated to look at the data and differences between the two groups as well as some practical ideas on how to bridge the gap. 


85% of Exhibitors and 58% of Attendees want to give/receive printed marketing collateral at the trade show. 

Bridging the Gap: With 42% of attendees not wanting any printed collateral from you (and this number will probably be growing), why spend thousands of dollars only to have your collateral end up in the trash? There are great interactive technology tool rentals available including: Digital Document Libraries, iPad rentals and Plasma Displays to bring your message to life! 


70% of Exhibitors and 41% of Attendees want to send/receive an email after the show. 

Bridging the Gap: With 59% of attendees not wanting to receive an email from your organization, this means you will have to find a different way to communicate. Probably a good approach is to rotate your communication plan to include: telephone calls, texts and social media outreach. The best approach of all is to ask the attendee which way they wish to be communicated with and tailor your plan accordingly. 


52% of Exhibitors and 34% of Attendees want to send/receive printed marketing collateral after the exhibition. 

Bridging the Gap: With 66% of attendees not wanting your collateral after the show, make it a point to give them what they want while they are still at the event. Use a lead retrieval system to customize the information attendees want, how they wish to receive it and the best way to communicate with them. This can help you save your organization money and build a strong relationship with the prospect. 


33% of Attendees and 13% of Exhibitors want to receive/give a USB drive. 

Bridging the Gap: With 67% of attendees not wanting to receive a USB drive full of product information, this seems like a "no brainer." Don't waste your money on jump drives! 


29% of Attendees and 12% of Exhibitors want to receive/give out a CD

Bridging the Gap: Look to real-time, interactive ways to get your message across such as video, photos, blogging and social media postings that can be visible on charging stations or Plasma displays.


19% of Exhibitors and 14% of Attendees want a QR code they can scan. 

Bridging the Gap: No need to do so…forget about QR codes! Move to more visual and interactive technology tool rentals that will help your message pop. Provide information to attendees through Video Wall rental units, Plasma Displays or Charging Stations. 

Look to AV Event Solutions and SmartSource Rentals for all your interactive technology tool rental needs! From Digital Document Libraries to Lead Retrieval Systems, they have it all! Request a quote today to get the process started.