facebookEncouraging attendees to post to your conference Facebook page can seem overwhelming — a bit like herding cats. However, with over 1 billion users and growing, it is a safe bet that most attendees have a personal Facebook account. With that many users, it would be unwise to ignore the power of this social channel. 

Your goal is to request attendees to take a more active role on your fan page. The key is to encourage social conversations between those that are there and those that are not. 

Buffer, a social media aggregater, recently wrote a lengthy blog post about Facebook statistics and what they mean to the average person. I have taken 4 of their ideas and applied them to the industry. Here they are: 

Killer Way #1: Post Questions.

According to KISSmetrics, an organization that identifies and understands the metrics that drive online business, posts that ask questions receive 100% more comments than standard text-based posts. The most popular posts begin with the words: 

  • Should
  • Would
  • Which or 
  • Who

Applicability to your event: On your Facebook event page, ask questions. Perhaps hold a daily contest selecting a winner randomly from the pool of correct answers for the "Question of the Day". Ask attendees to pose questions for other attendees, speakers and sponsors to encourage two-way conversations. 

Killer Way #2: Offer a Discount. 

According to Socially Stacked, an organization that will customize your Facebook Page with promotions or contests, 42% of Facebook fans "like" a page in order to receive a discount or coupon. 

Applicability to your event: Work with area restaurants and attractions to offer a discount or coupon that is only available through your Facebook fan page. Also, offer an early bird discount to next year's conference exclusively through your fan page. 

Killer Way #3: Photos please. 

According to KISSmetrics, photos receive: 

  • 104% more comments
  • 84% more click-throughs and 
  • 53% more likes 

than text based posts. According to Wishpond, a social lead generation company, photo albums receive 180% more engagement than your average post. 

Applicability to your event: Ask attendees, sponsors, presenters and exhibitors to upload photos to your event page AND/OR ask them to email you the best photos of the day. Put them into a photo album and upload to FB. Prospective or virtual attendees can obtain a good overview of the day's events when a well thought out album is put together.. 

Killer Way #4: Create a Contest. 

According to Socially Stacked, 35% of Facebook fans like a page so they can compete in contests. Their research also indicates that a contest such as "Caption this Photo" can bring in 5.5 times more comments than regular posts. According to Salesforce, contest related words like: winner, win, and enter are more likely to engage users. 

Applicability to your event: If you have a multi-day conference, ask attendees to caption one or more of the photos from the day before and offer a prize to the best caption. Ask exhibitors to run their contests through your fan page and announce the winners on a video wall rental unit where attendees can stand by and see the results. 

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