google plusThere is no doubt about it — the brainiacs at Google work very hard at making their social channel appear before all others when a search for your organization occurs.  Partly, this is due to a push to promote their own product and partly, it is because social giants like Facebook and Twitter will not share their search algorithms with Google. However, no matter what social channel appears on top, Google+ may appear on the right side of a search page which can contain strategic information from your G+ page as long as you have a complete, verifiable profile.

Most individuals do not understand G+ so they ignore it BUT with 400 million users, it is on target to surpass Twitter in the next year. If you haven’t taken a look at this channel for awhile, many changes have occurred in the past 3-4 months with more changes are coming in the next year.

All that aside, you are probably wondering what benefit it brings to your event marketing and attendee interaction. Below, are the five reasons you should make some fuss about Google+:

1. New Content is Indexed Fast.

Without getting too technical, the idea behind blog and social posts that contain your event keywords and URLs is to contain spiders that can spread out to the World Wide Web for maximum search results. Most of the time it takes several weeks for this to occur, but not with G+.

Meeting Applicability: Post the same content on all social channels including URLs. If you need to shorten a URL, go to the Google URL shortener site. If you rent iPads for your meeting, encourage attendees to also post on their G+ accounts. 

2. G+1 Your Pages to Help Spread the Word.

When you G+1 a website or blog post, you are putting your stamp of approval on it and letting others in your circle know it too. It is easy to obtain the G+1 code and it requires a simple cut and paste onto your website or blog.

Meeting Applicability: If you have an online registration and blog site, incorporate the G+1 button and make certain you and everyone in your organization G+1s the meeting pages.  

3. Google+ Provides Unlimited Editing. 

Unlike other social platforms, you can edit your posts at any time. This allows you to make changes and updates as they occur without necessarily eliminating the original content.

Meeting Applicability: As your conference starts to take shape, consider adding content to the original post rather than creating a brand new post. 

4. Take Your First Sentence Seriously. 

According to Cyrus Shepard, Senior Content Astronaut at Moz, the first sentence of your Google+ post becomes part of the title tag which is highly correlated with rankings.

Meeting Applicability: Identify your keywords and make certain to work 1-3 of them into your first sentence. 

5. Tag Photos with Your Company Name.

Again according to Shepard who did a series of tests with his G+ author photo, this led to an increase in the click-through rate to his website.

Meeting Applicability: This should be true for every photo you post on every channel. Make certain to tag your company in the photo.

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