Ah yes, it appears they have.

According to a recent survey of meeting and event planning professionals by DoubleDutch and MPI, mobile app integration into conferences is already happening or is planned to take place in the future.

Below is an executive overview of their findings and how you and your stakeholders can prepare to adapt.

Survey Says

  • 63% of planners currently offer or have developed a mobile app for their meeting or event.
  • 60% plan on using an event app in the future while
  • 40% have not used a meeting app and do not plan to use one anytime soon.
  • Senior planners are more likely to use a mobile app than junior planners.
  • Budget approval is related to the attendee experience versus how much revenue the app can generate.
  • What are the barriers to entry for the mobile app marketplace?
    • First is Cost
    • Second is the App Doesn’t Fit the Event Needs
    • Third is a concern about WiFi availability

How You can Address the Barriers to Entry


When you look at the total cost of mobile, including iPad rentals, development time and the app itself, you need to weigh it against the total cost of the current way you do things. Consider your time, staff time, writing, printing, editing, correcting copying, assembling, storage and shipping of printed products. IIf you add up everything, your comparative costs will be closer than you think.


While this can possibly be true, and I do not believe in implementing technology for technology sake, chances are pretty high there is an app out there to replace your conference binder, allow your attendees to take notes and let them communicate efficiently with the speakers and each other. It just may be that you are not looking in the right places.

Do a deeper search. Ask event technology experts. Ask your peers. Check with Google. But most of all – ask your attendees what they want and what they use. If your attendees don’t use mobile technology at all, handing them an iPad or laptop rental won’t mean anything to them. However, if they use technology every day, handing them a conference binder will be just as offensive. Figure it out by asking precursor questions.


This is a very valid concern and one that needs to reach its own tipping point. What bandwidth the venue provides may or may not be enough. On top of that, it may not be fast or secure. For more on event WiFi solutions, check out this article series from CRE Computer Rentals.

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