Unveiling the latest event management trend at PCMA Convening Leaders, San Diego, 2024.  

A significant trend brought to light by Julius Solaris of Boldpush at the SmartSource activation at PCMA Convening Leaders this year was the phenomenon of time-crunched event bookings. 

This time crunch is not about your typical late attendee registrations. No, we’re talking about sponsors, exhibitors, and event partners making last-minute commitments to events and how event planners can leverage creative AV solutions to help secure these deals and, perhaps more importantly, deliver on their commitments. 

While we can’t dictate when event sponsors or exhibitors choose to book their sponsorship, we can offer solutions to manage these eleventh-hour event decisions. 

The Eleventh-Hour Event Booking 

Through the research Julius presented, it was made clear that event bookings are increasingly left until the last minute, pushing event planners and organizers to come up with quick solutions to accommodate these latecomers.  

Whether due to financial constraints, lack of availability, or just plain old procrastination, these late bookings can throw a wrench in the most meticulously planned event. Imagine your largest prospect in your sales team’s list of prospects four weeks before the event saying “yes” to that coveted sponsorship opportunity. Could you deliver to the requirements?  

Seems impossible, right? But it’s happening more and more frequently, according to the research. 

Don’t panic just yet. With creative AV solutions in place, you can save the day and deliver successful last-minute event sponsorships without breaking a sweat. 

Harnessing the Power of AV 

So, how can we adapt to this new normal? The answer lies in leveraging the power of Audiovisual (AV) technology.  

By incorporating creative AV solutions into our events such as through digital signage, interactive touch screens, and utilizing digital content, we can not only entice last-minute sponsors but also create a unique and memorable event experience for all attendees involved. 

Here’s how: 

Flexibility of AV 

One of the primary benefits of using AV solutions is their flexibility.  

With traditional setups, changing venue rooms or adjusting layouts can be a time-consuming process, and if you’ve had printed signage delivered, it can be impossible to update any key stage sponsors at the last minute.  

However, with modern AV, these changes can be made quickly and efficiently with digital signage, and the equipment can be more easily moved to new rooms, stages, or spaces or adjusted to suit the sponsor’s agreement.  

This allows event planners to accommodate last-minute sponsorship requests without disrupting the overall flow of the event or overly complicating event set-up. 

Quick Turnaround for Digital Event Signage 

Digital signage is another powerful tool in the event planner’s arsenal.  

With the capability to update messaging in real time, event organizers can easily accommodate last-minute sponsorship announcements. For instance, directional signage or program updates, such as changes in speakers, can be instantly modified, allowing for seamless adjustment to unexpected changes.  

The true potential of digital signage lies in its ability to personalize content and tailor messages to meet the specific needs of each sponsor, creating a unique experience that reflects their brand and makes attendees feel like valued partners of the event. 

Easily Updatable Event Graphics 

In addition to versatile messaging, the dynamic nature of digital signage allows for a rapid update of graphics across a venue’s display network or event digital signage. This becomes especially advantageous when dealing with last-minute additions of sponsors who require immediate visibility through branded graphics, such as branded videos in your event foyer.  

Sponsors benefit from seeing an immediate implementation of their campaign content by promptly integrating their brand into the event’s visual landscape, thus offering them greater returns on their investment. 

Interactive Touch Screens 

Interactive touch screens are another creative AV solution that can help boost last-minute sponsorships.  

Touch screens allow attendees to engage with sponsors’ content in a more personal and interactive way, increasing brand visibility and engagement by showcasing sponsors’ products or services through videos, demos, and interactive games.  

Not only does this create a more engaging event experience for attendees, but it also offers sponsors a unique opportunity to stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.  

Interactive Touch Screen Displays & Monitors

Exhibitor Booth Enhancements  

When exhibitors are racing against the clock to make a lasting impression at your next event, you can utilize AV and digital signage to transform static booths into dynamic experiences.  

Imagine interactive touchscreens, holographic presentations, or augmented reality elements that captivate attendees and showcase a sponsor’s products or services, all implemented swiftly to accommodate those eleventh-hour decisions. Or simply create high-impact LED video walls that will leave a lasting impression on attendees and sponsors alike.  

The adaptability of AV ensures that all sponsors and exhibitors receive the recognition they deserve, even if their booking was made at the eleventh hour. 

Don’t Forget Digital Opportunities 

As events increasingly embrace virtual components, sponsors and exhibitors may find themselves seeking opportunities at the eleventh hour to extend their reach beyond physical boundaries. 

This offers event planners a great opportunity to tap into digital solutions such as live streaming, sponsored social media posts, blogs, interviews, and other digital content, helping drive value for your last-minute sponsors or exhibitors with increased brand exposure and potential leads.  

The Future of Event Sponsorship 

In the face of evolving event dynamics, the versatility and adaptability of AV technology emerges as a beacon of light for event planners. 

It can enhance the overall experience for attendees and sponsors, and AV also equips event planners with the tools needed to seamlessly manage last-minute bookings without compromising on an event’s quality. 

Indeed, the trend of time-crunched event bookings can initially appear daunting. However, it’s within this challenge that we find a window of opportunity.  By harnessing the power of AV technology, event professionals can transform this seemingly complex issue into a strategic advantage, crafting sponsorship packages that are as flexible as they are dynamic. 

So, as we navigate this era of “time-crunched sponsorship,” embrace the potential of AV and redefine what it means to deliver a successful, memorable event. 


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