LiveTech londonlaunch, a master-class in digital engagement and social media, recently polled their attendees about the use of social media and technology for maximizing attendee engagement at their meetings and events. Below are the survey results broken up into two categories – Social Platforms/Apps and Technology – plus some of my ideas of how interactive technology tool rentals can help in each area.



What social platforms and apps do you currently use in your events? 

76% Twitter

61% iPad voting app

46% Twitter Wall

38% Facebook

23% LinkedIn

23% Instagram

7%  Google+

If you rent iPads, the AV provider can preload Twitter and other social channels onto each device. In addition, you can use the iPad rentals for surveys and voting on important topics throughout your conference. A video wall rental unit is great as a gathering point for attendees to see the Twitter feed and up-to-the-minute conference updates and news. 


How often does your business currently use social media

54% use it all the time

27% should use it more, but don’t have the time

19% don’t use it as effectively as they could


Who manages social media for your company? 

45% said it is something we all contribute to

28% stated it is handled by the marketing department

27% said they have a dedicated social media person

If everyone contributes to social, from the administrative assistant to the CEO, it is much easier to garner interest and participation with your attendees at an event especially if they see you tweeting and taking Instagram photos or videos. 



What do you think are the biggest barriers to using technology at events? 

92% said lack of budget

58% said lack of understanding; it’s easier not to use it

17% said concerns it won’t work the day of the event

8%   stated lack of human resources to manage it

Budget is one of those things you need to approach in a different way; sponsorship opportunities are endless on interactive technology tool rentals such as charging stations, iPads or computer kiosks. It is really important that event organizers start to understand technology because the use it is just going to continue to ramp up, not decrease. If you hire certified AV technicians and keep them onsite during your conference, you will not have to worry about technology blackouts or the resources to manage it. AV organizations are trained to test and manage large, complex installations and address problems very quickly. 


At what stage do you include technology when planning your event? 

82% said during the creative process

18% stated at the beginning

The best choice is at the beginning where ideas are formed, goals are set and budgets are massaged. However, Dr. Peter Heath of LiveTECH reminds us, “Technology for technology’s sake is never going to be worth the money, but if it is used to enhance your event, it’ll be money well spent.” 


How do you feel when you hear about new digital innovations – such as interactive touchscreens, RFID and NFC? 

67% said intrigued

33% stated excited


Do you use smartphone or tablet-based apps at your events?

67% said yes

33% said no, but would like to start using it.


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