Do you want to rent iPads or Tablet PCs for your next event, but don’t know how to pitch it to the boss? Below are 16 uses of this mobile technology that make sense at meetings and trade shows. Pick and choose the ones that are right for your event. They are divided up into Meeting Attendee, Trade Show Booth Exhibitor, and Event Meeting Services Organizer uses and benefits.


  1. Attendees will receive real-time news and updates about the event. No more scrambling around to let attendees know about room changes, speaker cancelations, and meeting delays. They will receive a notification immediately on the tablet device.
  2. Access to social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Pinterest. This allows attendees to broadcast to their virtual world how great your event is, post questions to speakers, post photos, send texts, or grow their network. All of this is good for your event because attendees are creating the buzz.
  3. A real-time event schedule, their own personal schedule, and the ability to locate room directions. Having the overall schedule and then knowing exactly where a breakout session is, can cut down on confusing directions and/or the use of printed signs.
  4. Providing gamification during the breaks. Allow attendees to play games during the break by putting together scavenger hunts or providing trivia or giveaway contests is another way to keep the attendee engaged during the event.
  5. Presentations and speaker information on the tablet can be easily accessed through a program or search engines. This cuts down or eliminates the need for bags, binders, and paper.
  6. Live stream video can go directly to the mobile device. The attendee can see up close and personal the video on their personal, high definiation  touch screen unit.
  7. Tablets are simple, easy to use, and have an intuitive user interface. 


  1. Simple way to track leads. Tablets provide an easy way to track leads by scanning attendee name badges.
  2. Scheduling real-time appointments. This mobile technology allows attendees and booth reps to schedule meetings as well as change them on the fly.
  3. Showcase event floorplan and materials. An iPad allows attendees to see the overall floorplan, exhibitor directory,and get turn-by-turn directions to the booth of their choice. 
  4. Download materials. With a tablet, attendees can digitally download marketing materials, thus saving on costly brochures and chotzkies. 
  5. Rent iPads as portable kiosks. This keeps attendees informed and entertained about your product or service while reps may be busy with other attendees.


  1. Advertising channel for event sponsors. Now you can have more sponsors and utilize color, video, photographs, contests, and social media to promote their message and brand. All of this while the attendee has the tablet in their hands for 8 to 10 hours per day.
  2. Enhanced brand awareness for the sponsors, exhibitors, and the event itself. Having everything available on an iPad, allows the user to view information many times throughout the event.
  3. Great environmental benefits and a reduction in operational costs. Tablets are lightweight, require little energy, and have a battery life of 10 hours. No more paper or binders! No staff to assemble and reassemble the paperwork. All of this can be handled on the mobile device.
  4. Merchandise sales and event tickets are possible on the iPad. If you are selling books, DVDs, clothing, or tickets to a special event, attendees can purchase all of these items via a credit card reader attached to the iPad and receipts can be emailed to the attendee.

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