computer kiosk rental

Kiosks are everywhere and growing in popularity — from ATMs to flight check-ins to even shipment of packages. But what about events? How can touch panel kiosks enhance the attendee experience, save your organization money, and serve as a merchandising tool?

Below are 18 great creative ideas for using computer kiosk rental:


By placing kiosk rentals in strategic locations around the conference, you can provide attendees with the following services:

  • High-quality videos of the speakers, organization, conference, or new products or services for a product launching event
  • If an attendee missed a breakout session, they can queue up the presentation and/or video. 
  • QR codes can be posted so attendees can gain more information by scanning the code from their smartphone.
  • If a Twitter hashtag is created for the event, attendees can view the stream of posts about what is going on in the conference.
  • Attendees can bring up their social media accounts and post content.
  • With Internet access, attendees can check their emails or search the Web at a cyber cafe.
  • Can serve as digital signage, directing attendees to their breakout sessions. 
  • Can be used by exhibitors to show videos, photos, and allow attendees to register for giveaways. 
  • Can be used to check-in attendees or register walk-ins. 
  • Printers can be attached to the unit to allow attendees to print off information about the conference, speakers, or night-life. 


Self-service kiosks are just that….no need to man them. Because kiosk software is typically navigational friendly and very intuitive, organizations can easily save money in the following ways:

  • PEOPLE: Reduction of staff to register attendees and a reduction of exhibitor staff to run their booth
  • PRINTING: No need to print off brochures, posters, or other items. Attendees can access this information from the kiosk.  
  • SPONSORSHIP: This opportunity is only limited by the number of days and hours of your conference. Computer kiosks are much more vibrant and dynamic than printed material. 


This is one area that probably has the most potential for event planners. Credit card readers can easily be attached to a kiosk. Here are some uses:

  • For walk-in registrants, they can pay for the conference by credit card and the kiosk can print a receipt and badge for the attendee.
  • If you are having an optional dinner, attendees can purchase tickets.
  • Memberships to the association can be purchased from the kiosk. 
  • Contributions to your foundation or designated foundation can be made.
  • If your organization sells books, CDs, DVDs, or other materials, all of these items can be sold from the kiosk, fulfilled at your corporate headquarters, and shipped to the attendee's home or business location. 

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