Meeting Professinals International (MPI), IMEX, and the International Special Events Society (ISES) are all predicting that meeting volume, the number of attendees, and increasing value and ROI will be the priority throughout the global event meeting services industry in 2011 versus 2010.

For FutureWatch 2011, MPI garnered insight from more than 450 industry professionals in 20 countries and from 67 MPI chapters. “After two challenging years for the business of our industry, we’re back with FutureWatch 2011 responses indicating material growth in activity of 8 percent. FutureWatch 2011 also indicates that this is the year where recent industry forays into virtual events and collaboration through social media will become increasingly mainstream. Thinking outside the room to drive performance through connectivity is becoming entrenched,” said Bruce MacMillan, President and CEO of MPI.

Year-to-Year Trend in Projected Meeting Statistics
Year to Year Trend in Projected Meeting Stats
FutureWatch 2011 predicts the following:
  • An 8% Increase in the Number of Meetings;
  • A 5% Increase in the Spend Per Meeting;
  • A 2% Increase in the Number of Attendees;
  • A 2% Increase in Planners’ Budgets.
The other interesting note regarding international travel is the following:
  • US Organizations plan to have 87% of their meetings in the US. The 2nd choice, with only 6%, is Europe.
  • Canadian Organizations plan on having 82% of their meetings within the Candian borders. The next place they are likely to travel to is the US, with 11% of the meetings.
  • Europian Organizations plan to have 82% of their meetings in Europe. 10% of their meetings will be planned in the US.

IMEX Global Insights Report

IMEX surveyed 45 senior event meeting services professionals to gain their input regarding the state of the industry for 2011. Optimism is high with these survey participants who thought 2011 will bring a rise in events and budgets, green initiatives, and more virtual meetings.

Here is a summary of some the report results:

  • 58% of the respondants said the number of meetings will increase this year.
  • 42% said they are fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • 25% said demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI) from meetings and events, in detail, is their most important priority.
  • 18% expected a significant increase in their budget this year.

ISES Forecast 2011

Penton Media, conducts an annual survey on behalf of the ISES Advisory Board. They divided their respondants into In-house Event Services Company Professionals and Independent Event Professionals. Below, are the results of the survey from the in-house event professionals:

When asked about the number of events said the following:

  • 41% will stage more events in 2011 than 2010
  • 40% will stage about the same
  • 10% are unsure and
  • 9% will stage fewer events
When asked “What are the greatest challenges facing you this year?” said:
  • 64% are projecting reduced budgets
  • 53% feel an uncertain economy will affect their events
  • 25% will be dealing with shorter lead times
  • 23% will need to demonstrate ROI and/or value
  • 21% are uncertain about their own company finances

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