Business Professional with White FlagTechnology is a tool…it isn’t magic, mysterious, or hard to implement into your meetings and events. However, many planners back away from new or unique technology options because it is outside of their comfort zone. Yet, most of us readily use technology in our everyday lives — whether it be a laptop, smartphone, or HDTV. We would never go back to a typewriter, rotary phone, or black and white TV…so why are we crippled by the thought of new technology options at our events?
Lets identify three common technology tripping blocks and what to do about them.
  1. Failing to invest the time in learning new tools. Whatever technology you decide to utilize at your next meeting or event, it is important that you carve out the time to evaluate the choices and learn about the device first hand. Let’s face it, when questions arise, attendees will come to you first for advice. So, for example, if you are going to rent iPads, make certain you know how to use both the tablet and meeting applications.
  2. Not utilizing the "latest and greatest" technology.  We are living in an extremely fast paced tech world and your attendees are on top of it. 3D LCD projectors, iPad2s, new lighting, and smoother and sleeker kiosk rentals are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the main reasons you want to rent audio visual equipment versus buying it, is to provide attendees with the technology they want. If you purchase equipment, most likely you will "be stuck with it" for 3-5 years. Go where your audience is and hire an AV company that has state-of-the-art equipment and can keep up with your attendees’ needs.
  3. Fearing experimentation. Meeting planners as a whole are relatively conservative and some like to do the same thing "year-in, year-out". But you need to embrace technology as a solution…not as a problem to be reckoned with. Here are some simple ways technology can make your life easier:
  4. Ways Technology Can Save Money and Time within the Meeting Environment
    Audience Response Rental No paper surveys required, immediate feedback and voting, report saved on computer for future review
    Computer Kiosks Provides self check-in for attendees, save on staff persons, available 24/7, act as "concierge", provide unlimited sponsors with video options
    LCD Projectors  Newer LCDs have better lumens for brightness, 3D technology is just around the corner, energy efficient
    Rent iPads Replace all paper, green because of reduction of paper and low energy requirements, attendees can make notes on iPad, Wi-Fi accessible so attendees don’t need to bring laptop to communicate with home office, trade show booths use them as portable kiosks
    Wireless Network Array Rentals These rental units will make the existing network at the venue more robust through improved bandwidth, increased security, and more temporary IP addresses. This is a must have for events to ensure the Wi-Fi network doesn’t slow down or completely crash 

If you are event planning in California turn to AV Event Solutions to save you money and time! Call their professional and service-oriented staff to learn more about your technology options. Don’t be afraid of it; embrace it!