Your organization has spent a lot of time and money putting together the perfect meeting or event. Why not record that event for historical, reach, and/or training purposes?

If you are considering producing an audio recording of the event, here are 5 easy steps your organization needs to take:

    1. Get the speaker’s permission to record the event. Make certain you have written, signed agreement with the speaker. Keep it on file at the office and at the event. Most speakers I have worked with agree with being recorded, as long as they can have a copy of the recording. Get all the event organizers on board before agreeing to that clause.


    1. Make provisions for renting audio visual equipment. Give the AV company as much detail as you possibly can about the room, time of the event, number of attendees, and whether or not food is going to be served. (Wait staff moving in and out of the room could affect the recording). Meet the AV staff at the site review because they may make suggestions as to how to maximize the sound and minimize the noise level. In addition, if this a large event, you may want to rent wireless mics so audience questions and comments can be clearly picked up on the recording.


    1. Tell the attendees before the event, and just before it starts, that this event is going to be recorded. 


    1. The day of the event, make certain there are no outside noise distractors. Is the hotel renovating or going to be cutting the grass outside your room? What about a loud event next door? Put it in your contract with the venue that no outside noises can be tolerated because you are recording the event. Communicate to everyone that touches your event, that audio recording will be in process.


    1. After the meeting, have the AV company transfer the recording onto your laptop and/or make jump drive recordings for all attendees to pick up at the end of the day. The AV staff can easily transfer the recording onto multiple flash drives or to your PC fast and efficiently.


Here are the 4 reasons WHY audio recording makes sense for many meetings and events:
    1. It gives your organization a historical account of the event. Consider annual meetings, company get togethers, or product launching events, an audio recording captures the voices and message for all time.


    1. Recordings extends your reach. If you hire new personnel after a big event or individuals could not be there for other reasons, including geographic barriers, this gives that group of folks a chance to hear the message. It can even work with prospects, as well.


    1. It enhances the understanding of the audience experience and mitigates the risk of misinterpreting information. If there is a debate about what was said, individuals can go back to the recording for clarification.


    1. Recordings are green. By posting the recording on the event organizer’s website or blog, or giving attendees flash drives with the recording (or multiple recordings on it), they can then upload it fast and efficiently to their PC computer or laptop.

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