Network Corporate Event Meeting
In today’s fast-paced, technology-crazed world, it would appear that standard face-to-face networking events have gone by the wayside. But with more people moving to home offices, it is important that business networking events continue to exist and thrive. Here are a few reasons why we need to take time to attend and how AV can help in the creative process.
Networking events increase visibility. The name of the game is top-of-mind awareness. When someone is planning an event, you want them to think of you and your event meeting rentals company.

How can AV rentals help? Rather than handing out the standard business card, have a 1 page PowerPoint slide, of everyone at the meeting, loaded onto the presentation services audio visual equipment. Don’t just have the name of the person but also what they do, where they work, and maybe some interesting facts about them. This will be viewed as a game, but it can help names "stick" with attendees. 

Networking events help you stay current with trends in the industry. Most event planners belong to MPI, PCMA, and/or ISES. By coming early and staying later at the event, suppliers, such as corporate audio visual firms, can start building a relationship with meeting coordinators.

How can audiovisual help? Sponsors have the opportunity to "show off" their latest technology by integrating it into the program as an in-kind donation. An example of this might be to show how iPads can be used to exchange contact information instead of business cards.

Networking events can help uncover the "hot buttons" of the attendees. By speaking to individuals one-on-one or in a group setting, you can start to ask questions about what challenges each of them face. I know in the meetings industry, we are challenged to produce better, more interactive events with the same budget we had in 2010. How can you give attendees more, when you have no additional money?  

How can audiovisual rentals help? By posing a series of questions for all to view, you can provide each person with a wireless audience response system rental to gather feedback instantaneously and for all to see. You could rent wireless mics, have one question showing on the screen, and ask one person to record all attendee responses on a laptop rental or Tablet PC, and then email to the participants once the event concludes.

Networking events can help you become connected to thought leaders and influencers in your industry. Don’t make the mistake of joining every organization in town. Join the ones that make the most sense for you to gain new clients, build strategic alliances, and joint ventures. Then, try to attend EVERY networking event that organization has. Spend time with the speakers and board members.

How can AV help? Look at sound and lighting rental opportunities. Music and lighting options can create the mood for the event, and help provide a welcoming environment for your attendees. 

Network event planning in California? Look no further than AV Event Solutions to assist you in utilizing audiovisual rentals to make your networking event everyone will buzz about! Call them today!