From LED to high-tech intelligent, lighting can add pizazz to any venue at any location. Whether it be a fund-raising gala, corporate celebration, or product launching event, the ideal lighting solution can create the perfect ambiance. Lets talk about the different types of events lighting that will be most useful and 4 types of light equipment rentals you may wish to consider.

Lighting RentalsLighting can enhance the following meetings or events:

Here are 4 types of Light Equipment Rentals you may wish to consider for your next meeting or event:

Up-lights provide a softer, more indirect light that creates a relaxed gentle feeling in a room. Placing fixtures or lamps near a wall, can create a subtle effect. The wall will be softly highlighted without any details showing. The fixture can also be placed behind an object to cast a silhouette. In addition, the fixture can be placed in front of objects to create a shadow effect.

Runway lights are perfect if your event is a wedding, hosting key guests or celebrities, or you want to create that runway effect at the event. It is also great for a catwalk, such as a fashion show.

Stage lighting is key when you have a presenter or performance on a riser. This type of lighting often requires timing, so having qualified AV technicians on site to run the lighting is key to the success of its use.

String lights are decorative and are great for corporate special events. String lighting provides a simple, yet creative way, to add ambiance to the setting. Indoors they create accents. Outdoors they can be used on patios, gazebos, gardens, or tents.


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