digital signage rental

Think back to your last meeting or event: Were attendees confused or frustrated with your signage? Were they constantly getting lost and asking others for help in locating breakout rooms or finding a particular trade show floor exhibitor? 

You can spend the time, money, and effort on printed signage — but in the end, most attendees do not see it because it is not vibrant or visible enough to get noticed. In our real-time interactive world, do you really want to trust those posters and banners to meet your attendees needs? They were created to direct and inform the attendee somewhere or toward something. Why spend hundreds — if not thousands of dollars — to be ignored when a digital signage rental can bring life to your signs?

Here are the four reasons why you need to invest in digital signage today:

Reason #1: Your messaging can be dynamic. 

Digital signage can display a twitter feed one moment and information about a change in programming the next. Because this signage can display colorful text and imagery, attendees are more likely to notice it versus a printed piece that is static. 

Reason #2: You do not have to ship, uncurl and hang your signage. 

Most printed signage comes in a tube or large cardboard box. If it is a banner, you have to uncurl it and either hang it yourself or wait for the venue staff to hang it for you (which by the way, their time may end up on your master bill). 

local conference equipment rental company can provide you digital signage that they will set up, maintain and remove after your meeting is over. Digital signage is also a great environmental solution because there is no waste and it can used over and over again. 

Reason #3: You can get creative with your messaging. 

Because digital signage is real-time, the display options are endless. You can have live video streaming from the general session, twitter feeds, speaker bios displaying their photos videos and copy, a trade show map, sponsor information and your organization's logo just to name a few.  

No more directional arrows velcroed to a poster or engaging multitudes of volunteers to get attendees where they need to be. Digital signage is the better alternative. 

Reason #4: You do not have to worry about typos or misprints. 

Have you ever received your signage and found a typo? If yes, then you had to decide: a) to display it anyway, b) try to correct it or c) trash it. These are not great options because they can affect your organization's professional image or leave attendees with no signage at all. 

Digital signage is very easy to fix — if there is a typo, it can be corrected in a matter of a few moments.   

Use an audio visual vendor you can trust. Rely on the experts at AV Event Solutions, now part of the SmartSource Rental family, to advise you on the best digital signage configuration to meet your event needs. They have the audio visual experts across the country that can walk you through the entire process. To learn more, give them a call at 888-249-4903 today!