As more and more interactive technology tool rentals are being introduced into meetings and events, many planners are asking that age old question, "How will we pay for this?" The answer, of course, is — through sponsors! But the way sponsors want to be approached and what they expect in the digital world has changed.


Below are 4 tactics you can use to approach digital sponsors more effectively for your next conference:

#1: Pitch Your Program. 

Have your agenda and speakers secured BEFORE approaching your sponsors. Put together a detailed analysis of the demographics of your audience. The more facts you have regarding your program and attendees, the easier it will be for your sponsors to say yes. Consider using a derivative of Forrester Research's POST acronym:

People:              Who are your attendees?

Objectives:       What will they learn and why will they come?

Strategy:           How will you promote the program and the sponsors?

Technology:     What technology will you use and why? 

#2: Get Rid of Your Stinkin' Thinkin'

The old way of sponsorship included different levels (platinum, gold, silver), logos passively posted on programs and behind the podium, and the opportunity to speak 5-minutes about the venue or destination. This will no longer do, because sponsors are under the same pressure as event organizers to reduce spending and increase ROI. 

The new way is to show sponsors how they can be apart of the attendee's interactivity and learning experience. Often, this is done in more subtle, but effective ways, such as:

  • Running video on computer kiosks strategically placed throughout the conference, at the Internet cafe, or on the trade show floor. 
  • If you rent iPads, weaving sponsorship information within an application. 
  • Projecting a sponsor's slideshow onto LCD projector and screen rental before a program begins. 

The main thing is to give your sponsors something new, interactive, and buzz-worthy. 

#3: Make it Easy and Simple

Look at your pitch through your own lense: What would make YOU want to sponsor this event? Listen to your sponsors desires and needs. Be flexible and make it work for them. In the end, it needs to be a win-win-win. Your organization is in the black, your attendees are happy because they are given technology that is interactive and helps them learn, and your sponsors are getting the brand awareness they desire. 

#4: Look for Local Sponsors

With Internet-based applications such as Yelp and Foursquare, you can work tap restaurants, attractions, and night-life for potential sponsor opportunities, like never before. For example, your organization can host a Tweet-Up at a local bar and ask everyone to check-in once they arrive onsite. You work with the venue ahead of time to extend a special discount to attendees who write a review about their experience. And you can charge a sponsorship fee to that establishment that will run on the kiosk rentals and mobile devices the day of the event. 

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