Are you sick of the political rhetoric, TV commercials, and telephone calls from the various parties touting their candidate? As time-consuming and frustrating this process may be to you, the fact is that many of these tactics work. Since so much of the presidential campaign is event driven, I thought it only appropriate to identify the top 4 things that meeting planners can take away from this process.

Political Point #1: We always know when the election will be held. 

The election is held every 4 years on the 1st Tuesday in November. If you are a registered voter, you can go to the polls from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm on that day, which this year will be November 6. We also know the next presidential election will be held on the 1st Tuesday in November 2016. 

Do attendees know when your meeting will be held — well in advance? Is there some consistency to the date, day, and timeframe? If attendees know that your conference will always be the 2nd Thursday and Friday in January, you are making it easy for the attendee to pencil in the date.

Political Point #2: The candidates leave no stone unturned. 

Politicians use every form of messaging available to them including digital, print and door-to-door canvassing. They want to make certain they touch every possible person between the ages of 18 to 90. Their brand and message is everywhere it can possibly be. 

While event meeting services organizations have limited budgets, it is important to try and reach out to your potential attendees in different methods. Having a plan that addresses the best ways to reach your target audience is the key to not throwing good money after bad. 

Political Point #3: They spend zero monies in states they will not win or they have already won. 

There is very little guessing when it comes to politics these days. Through constant polling and prediction markets, each party knows with a very good certainty whether or not they will win a state. Monies are only spent on "swing" states. 

This is an excellent lesson for event organizers. Don't spend money on potential attendees who will not come to your event AND pull back funding on attendees you know will show up year-after-year. One way to poll attendees as to their likelihood to come back next year is through Audience Response System rental units. Really identify your niche and go after those "swing" participants. 

Political Point #4: Everyone loves a rally. 

Engaged and interested voters come early to see the candidate, hear his speech and shake his hand. There is buzz and excitement in the air waiting for the person to arrive on stage. The speech is energizing and engaging, and when the candidate is through speaking, he steps down into the crowd and shakes hands with the people who came out to support him. He is truly appreciative of their attendance. The music is playing and the confetti is spraying. 

Do you build up excitement about your speakers? Do you get attendees buzzing about this person well before they arrive on stage? This can be completed through video clips on a video wall display rentalcomputer kiosk, or mobile device. Does the speaker engage with the attendees? What about your sound and lighting rental system? Is it being used to hype the presenter? 

AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment company, will help you make your next meeting, event or trade show rock like a political event! Contact them to learn more about the ways they can bring buzz to your next gathering.