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Whether you opt to rent iPads, iPad 2s, or Tablet PCs, the marketplace can be confusing, especially with a plethora of similar-looking tablets available. Let’s look at 4 key factors you need to consider:

First: Do you need Android-based Tablet PCs at your Meeting or Event?

Tablets are the go-between devices of the laptop and smartphone. They are lighter than a laptop and they can provide attendees an easy way to check e-mail, browse the web, and utilize the same meeting applications. In addition, attendees don’t have to lug their own laptops to the event and worry about how close they are to a power source. Tablets also provide a much larger screen for an easy view of the infomation.

Bottom Line: If you are planning to use meeting applications, social media, and technology tools at your next meeting or event, rent Tablet PCs or iPads versus relying on your attendees to bring their own equipment.

Second: What about the Operating System?

The Apple iPad and iPad 2 run on iOS operating system. The strength of this operating system, it is incredibly easy-to-use and has a wide selection of iPad applications that can be easily and quickly downloaded.

Most of the newer Tablet PCs run on Google’s Android operating system. While their are several versions of the Android operating system, Android 3.0‘s strength is a very visual multitasking bar and great e-mail notifications. However, this operating system does not have the breadth of applications the iPad does…yet. Of course, there are software-based Tablet PC’s (like the ones AV Event Solutions rents) that truly function as "light-weight laptops" with Windows OS.

Bottom Line:  If you want to see how a Tablet PC and iPad differ, consider renting them both for 1 day so you can test out both features.

Third: How about Applications?

The Android operating system does not have the same number of applications as Apple’s iOS. Because the Android OS has to work with multiple manufacturers with multiple screen sizes, this has slowed up release of applications for Android-based Tablet PCs.

For software-based Tablet PCs, there are no apps available however, there are lots of software programs that can be loaded onto these types of tablets.

Bottom Line
: Determine specifically how you are going to use the tablet technology. Do you need specific software or will an app work? Find out what applications are written for the Android-based Tablet PC. By the way, this is a fast moving target, and new applications are coming out every day. But in general, the Apple iPad has the most applications
Fourth: What about Screen Size and Storage Capacity?

Screen size and storage is important to consider when it comes to interactive technology tool rentals. The Apple iPad and iPad 2 come in only one size, a 9.7 inch screen. Other Tablet PC technology varies from 7 to 10.1 inches. However, the consensus in the market is, the larger the screen, the better finger-centric, touchscreen experience the attendee has. With regards to storage, many tablets come in 16, 32, and 64GB varieties.

Bottom Line:
In order to determine the size and storage requirement for the attendee, you will need to  know many times the attendee will be touching the screen to take notes, access email, or start up applications. With regards to storage size, that will depend on how much music, video, and photos (usually integrated within presentations or sponsorships), will be used in the meeting.
Desire to rent Tablet PC, iPad, or iPad 2 technology? AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment  rental company is here to help recommend the best technology solution for your next meeting.