BizBash Magazine recently wrote an article titled "The Evolution of an Industry". Evolution of Event IndustryBelow are highlights as well as some of my own thoughts about how the industry needs to change in order to be more competitive.

When I started my business in 2000, the meeting and special event industry was pretty "cut and dried". Most events were cookie cutters and it was all about who could get the best deal, handle all the logistics, and make certain the Powerpoint presentation equipment worked properly. That is no longer the case. It is a highly competitive world out there and event planning is changing from a commodity to a specialty market. Those who change with it, will still be in business in 10 years. Those who don’t, won’t. 

Tip #1: Events are Now Part of the Marketing Department

Ten years ago, events had their own department with a big staff. They were no measurements in place, no expectations to be met. Just handle the logistics and everything will be approved.

No more. Events are now under Marketing and are expected to carry a strategy with a budget. If you are planning an event without the Marketing department’s involvement, start to involve them immediately. Get their buy-in. 

Tip #2: Events have to have a Wow Factor

"Each year, it gets harder to impress people. The audience is much more knowledgeable and you really want to stand out and keep them wanting more," says Caitlin Weiskopf, Executive Director, Special Events & Partnerships at Elle Magazine. "You have to over deliver."

Clients expect new ideas and a bigger, better event. If you have creativity within your team, great. If you don’t, you better outsource and get it.

Tip #3: Events need to be Competitive

Attendees, guests, and employees are busy. They have many obligations and are constantly looking at the money and time involved to attend an educational seminar, trade show, or training. Event meeting services organizations and their partners need to look at how much value they are giving their guests versus the cost to attend the meeting. What makes your event "head and shoulders" above all others? 

"Competition is growing, so trends are shorter-lived and expectations to stretch a budget creatively continue to be raised," says Frank Riley, VP and Marketing Director of Dalzell Productions.

Tip #4: Events need to use the latest Technology

Ten years ago, most events had LCD projector and screen rentals, a laptop, and a podium. Not any more. Technology is readily available and much more affordable to rent. Touch panel kiosks can check guests in, play videos about the speakers, run trivia contests, or provide trailers for product launching events.

"I’m incredibly happy we no longer have to use clipboards and we can use iPads," says Weiskopf. "The tools have evolved tenfold from an execution and from an aesthetic perspective. Everything has been elevated."

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