Trade Show Booth Equipment Rental

A great trade show booth will draw attention and positive energy to it. Think about the last trade show you attended. Got it? Now think about the one booth that was the greatest. It probably was the one that had a crowd constantly around it and people were smiling and having fun. Here are some tips to make your booth the one attendees will be talking about long after the trade show ends.

    1. Make it look professional. If you are going to spend the time and money to exhibit at a trade show, make everything look top-notch. Don’t skimp on anything, including renting audio visual equipment. Recent research states, that 90% of the people you meet at a trade show have never heard of your company prior to the show. Spend the money because as the saying goes, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”


    1. Create your own personal branding on everything. In addition to brochures and business cards, make sure your logo shines on everything from kiosk rentals to laptop computers to plasma TVs. Have the logo on the sales persons clothing. The more the attendee sees the brand, the more they will remember you after the trade show is over.


    1. Secure light equipment rentals. Good display lighting is going to enhance your booth space. There are many options, so consult with the company you are renting audio visual equipment from. Remember, the brighter your area is, the more attention it will receive.


    1. Invest in high quality draping. Your backdrop is just as important as what you are displaying. Without good draping, your booth will look incomplete. Draping comes in many styles and colors, so take your time and make sure it is right for your organization. Drapes can separate you from your neighbors and make your booth really stand out.


  1. Embrace technology to make your booth more streamlined. Make your booth less cluttered by putting video, games, and sales information on kiosk rentals. Rent iPads as portable kiosks and/or marketing tools for your booth personnel. Get rid of the paper and display more of your product or services from these sources. Put technology to work, especially when your sales reps are tied up.

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