A Request for Proposal (RFP) can be overwhelming in event planning, especially when it comes to renting audio visual equipment. Listed below, are five key guidelines 5 Keys to a More Effective RFP to include in your next RFP, which have been gathered from the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) Best Practices guide.

  1. Obtain the Key Contact Information.
  • Employer
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Numbers (office and cell)
  • Fax
  • Email address
  • Web address
  • What is the contact’s preferred method of communication?
  1. Get all the Event Information.
  •  Event Start and End Date
  • Venue Contact Name
  • Venue Telephone Number (Main)
  • Venue Contact Number (Cell)
  • Venue Contact Email Address
  • Venue Fax
  • List of Event Audio Visual Rental Equipment Needed
  • Exhibitor (if needed) Audio Visual Rental Equipment
  • Total Audio Visual Rental Budget
  1. What are the Audio Visual Rental Requirements?
  • Audio Visual Technician – On call or in the room?
  • Will the Event Audio Visual Company manage the stage set?
  • How many days or hours are available for setup and move-in?
  • How many days or hours are available for tear-down and move-out?
  • Is Audio or Video Recording is required for one or more function?
  1. Proposal Specifications are Key.
  • When is the RFP Due Date and Time?
  • How does the Event Audio Visual Rental organization provide a high level of  service?
  • What is the age and type of equipment to be provided?
  • How much of the audio visual equipment is owned by the vendor?
  • What is the availability of required equipment?
  • Did the audio visual organization respond completely and on time to the RFP?
  • What is the overall cost of services?
  • Is the audio visual rental company highly recommended from previous and existing clients?
  • What is the overall staff experience?
  • What are the travel/shipping costs if the equipment is trucked or flown in?
  • Is the audio visual rental company union/non-union?
  1.  Content is King.
  • When was the company founded?
  • What is the company’s scope of services?
  • Describe the audio visual rental company’s working relationship with the venue.
  • How would the company and its staff participate in planning meetings?
  • Can the audio visual rental company meet the event’s specific equipment requirements with its own equipment?
  • If not, what types and amounts of equipment would need to be outsourced?
  •   Will the company meet the event’s specific staffing requirements with its own staff?
  • If no, supplemental staff is supplied by whom?
  • Does the audio visual rental company have an office in the city where the event is being held?
  • If no, the staff will be traveling from where?
  • How is labor overtime calculated?
  • When does overtime begin and end?
  • Explain all costs the audio visual rental organization foresees as part of this event.
  • Describe all services the company provides and address the method of billing for these services.
  • What is the company’s payment policy?
  • Are any deposits required?
  • How are discrepancies handled?
  • Does the audio visual rental company offer any discounts by paying the total bill on-site at the end of the event?

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