Meetings and events can be so complicated nowadays. You have the client, venue, event audio visual rental company, IT staff and if your event is a hybrid one, you could be dealing with 2 to 4 additional organizations. And it isn't just a matter of ordering the equipment — it's the management of the process that requires a fair amount of time and attention.

Given this potentially complex process, what is the best way to proceed to make sure that everyone does their job and the attendee is happy with the event? Here are 5 key ways to building a better technology team so that your next event goes off without a hitch.  

  1. Assess the Talent Within Your Organization. 

    Do you have a strong project manager, someone who knows a lot about technology, or an individual who has experience running hybrid or virtual events? Perhaps you have the skills to manage the technology within your own organization. However, if you do not, you will need to outsource this talent.  

  2. Assign One Overall Project Manager.

    While it is probably worth the money to hire both AV and IT project managers — especially for a large, complex event — there needs to be one person that has overarching responsibility for the meeting. This person needs to be responsible for the complete project plan and be an excellent communicator. 

  3. Have a Communication Plan.

    The project assignments need to have the action, person responsible and expected date of  completion for each assigned tasks. Having a communication calendar leading up to the event with scheduled conference calls is also very important. In addition, when the team is onsite, they need to know who is responsible for what. Having a Twitter hashtag or Google Hangout where everyone can communicate in an instant will be key to resolving attendee issues quickly. 

  4. Make Sure There are Good Dynamics Among Team Members.

    The last thing any event meeting services organization needs is a bunch of finger pointing within the team. Does everyone get along? Are they positive in their approach and do they have critical thinking skills? Do they communicate missteps and delays — even if they know it isn't a popular conversation? Making certain individuals get along and can work toward a good resolution to the problem, will help the event run smoothly. 

  5.  All Hands Must be on Deck During the Test Phase. 

    Having all the team players in the meeting room when you are testing the Wi-Fi network array, virtual broadcast equipment, computer equipment, and sound and lighting rentals, will go far in determining if there are any glitches in the equipment and if you need more equipment to handle the load. 

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