Now that the Olympics are in full-swing, I often marvel at the way things change every 4 years. Athletes seem to get faster and more powerful. Technological advances in equipment, clothing, and shoes allows them to go just that millisecond faster. 

So what can event meeting services organizations learn from these powerful professional athletes? Plenty. Here are the 5 things any meeting planner can take away from the games:

  1. Olympians train, train, and train some more.
    They are constantly perfecting their sport and usually they train in a facility and with a group of like-minded athletes. 

    So, what about your training? Are you a member of one or more professional organizations and going to the educational conferences? Are you reading professional publications? Or are you planning meetings the same way you did 4 years ago? 

  2. Olympians have a coach and are in constant feedback mode.
    A coach outlines their training program for the week, reviews their competition video, and is constantly tweaking their training program. A coach is also a person who provides inspiration and constructive criticism. 

    Do you have a coach or mentor in the industry or your organization? Someone you can go to  for feedback and help? In addition, how are you getting feedback from your attendees? One easy way to obtain instantaneous feedback is through Audience Response rental units

  3. Olympians know they might lose out by 1/1000 of a second. 
    Sometimes the difference between gold and silver is that ever so quick reach of the hand at the pool or leaning into the line at the track. The athlete can be elated or exasperated, depending on where they end up. 

    Sometimes you may lose out on getting an attendee at your event or getting them to return by just a "sliver of a margin". That is why customer service and delivering great content at a fair price is ever so important. 

  4. Olympians invest in the latest technological advances. 
    They have the best swimsuits, track outfits, sunglasses, shoes and helmets. These athletes keep trying new things, even when they may be out of their comfort zone.

    Are you using the latest interactive technology tool rentals at your meeting? Are you still stuck in binder and paper mode while the rest of the world is using iPads? Are you printing signage instead of renting video walls? Are you avoiding this technology because it is out of your comfort zone? 

  5. Olympians focus on their niche. 
    These elite athletes do not try and be masters outside of their event circle. Yes, gymnasts compete in 8 or 10 different events, but they do it within the world of gymnastics. They aren't going onto the track to run the 100-meter dash or jumping into the pool to swim freestyle. 

    Is your organization focused on your target market or are they trying to be everything to everyone? By delivering content at your conferences that is "right on" with your attendees, makes you a more valuable education partner to your participants.

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