The pen and paper are losing the war in meetings and events across the nation. While a laptop is considered to be intrusive on a discussion table, a solution for event planners can be to rent Tablet PCs.

Here are 5 tips to make your next event, tablet friendly:

    1. If the attendees are going to be in one room for a long period of time, consider renting stands inTargus Mini Stand for Tablets addition to the tablets. Whether attendees are viewing video or taking a lot of notes, a stand can help give optimal viewing and note taking. If you are going to rent iPads, the Griffin Loop Stand is a good one to consider. If you are going to rent Tablet PCs, the Targus Mini Stand for Tablets is great.


    1. Consider what apps the attendees are going to use and pre-load all the applications ahead of time. Your organization is going to have to determine what apps are crucial to the meeting, whether they are in need of customization, and make sure your attendees know how to use the apps once on site. Determine what social media sites you are going to have loaded as well. By offering a combination of applications and web-browsing solutions, the attendees can feel connected to each other and post information real-time about the conference.


    1. Use video often. When you rent tablet PCs, video is so easy to access. Research shows that attendees learn far easier through video than the written word. You can use free services such as YouTube, hire a videographer to shoot company video, and/or sell video sponsorships for your conference or meeting. The Tablet PC can also be attached to the LCD projector and viewed on the screen rentals.


    1. Put all presentations and programs on the tablet and allow attendees to make notes on the presentation. There are many note taking applications available, it is important to standardize on one for your attendees. Allow them to take notes over the presentation or within the program itself. By using Twitter, the attendees can tweet questions directly to the speaker or make comments to the event organizer.


  1. Train the attendees on the apps and be patient with them. Everyone coming into the conference will have a different level of comfort with technology. It is important that when you give the attendee their rental tablet, they have trainers available to walk them through the applications and a way to get ahold of the technical support once the conference is in full session.
Use all of the above tips to make your meeting, event, or conference a great success. AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment company, has Tablet PCs, iPads, and iPad 2s available to make your next meeting very technology friendly! Give them a call today.