computer kiosk rentalKiosks can improve efficiency and productivity at events and probably more importantly, they can save you money. Kiosk rentals can have a printer, card reader, and other peripheral devices attached to them. In addition, they can handle many functions within the same unit and are most often used for the following applications outlined below.

Self-Service Concierge
Event organizations can place touch panel kiosks in strategic locations throughout the venue and provide attendees with city maps, restaurants, and attraction information. The kiosk can have Internet access so user can search for additional information about the area and even check their emails. Computer kiosks can also provide ticket pricing for plays and movies. Consider them to be just as useful as a live person!

Event Registration and Check in
A kiosk rental can be set up to allow pre-registered attendees to check-in and print off their name tag from an attached printer, without the help of a person. In addition, walk-in attendees can register and pay for the event via a credit card. The best part of with all of this is, attendees can check-in 24 hours a day with no staffing needs.

Event Agenda and Information
All event information, including agendas, program overviews, and speaker bios can be on the kiosk for easy access by the meeting attendees. In addition, if things change, such as room assignments and time changes, the program can be updated on the spot for all to see.  

Planners can and should sell sponsorship space on kiosks especially for association events. Unlike print or banner advertising, sponsors can create video, photo, and even allow interested individuals the capability to print information about the company right from the computer kiosk. Again, this sponsorship feed can run 24 hours a day, maximizing exposure to the companies that sponsor the planner’s event.

Product Launching Events
Kiosks can be used as a preview tool of the product or service at a product launch while the audience members are out in the foyer or lobby. The kiosk can serve as a commercial, by running product video. In addition, the event company can allow the attendees to test their product knowledge via touch panel kiosks.

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