Microphones for Product Launching Event

So you are ready to bring your product or service out for the entire world to experience. You have completed your marketing research, tested it on a beta group, and informed your employees. Now, you want to spring it on your audience, but you are concerned that your event won’t get the media attention you think it deserves because you are not a PR expert. No worries! 

Here are 5 tips to help get the media’s attention for your next event.  

  1. Promote Feedback from Beta Clients and Employees. Using wireless Audience Response Systems (ARS), participants can easily answer a series of multiple choice questions about the new offering. This data can be instantly compiled and assessed. Statistics sell. Saying things like "92% of the audience thinks this product is far superior to our previous offering" has impact. If you wish for more open ended responses, you can create an online survey and incorporate that in your press pitch as well.  
  2. Have Success Stories at the Product Launching Event.  Letting 2 or 3 beta clients speak about their impression of the new product speaks volumes over anything the company or you can say. They are pitching the product for you because they believe in the company and the offering. Let the media know enough about story that they will be interested in coming to the meeting and hearing it first hand. 
  3. Highlight Benefits.  Value and benefits sell over function and features. For example, if the tablet is faster, lighter, has more applications than the previous version, tell the audience that faster means they can have instantanous access to the Internet, lighter implies they can walk around and do work on the tablet, and more apps means they can be more productive. 
  4. Promote the Corporate Social Responsibility Angle. If your product is greener, say that. If you will accept the old product and recycle it or give it to non-profit agencies, let the press know. Consider doing something for the betterment of your fellow man and/or the earth. Giving a percentage of net proceeds to a charity is another angle. 
  5. Cultivate a Relationship with Your Local Media and use Online Resources. Long before your event, try and reach out to local newspaper editors, TV newsroom producers, and radio announcers in your area. If they already know who you are, they are more likely to pick up your story and attend your event. There are other online resources out there, such as, PR Newswire, Marketwire, or PRWeb but they all cost a recurring fee and if you aren’t pumping out press releases often, they may not make sense for you.  

AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment supplier, is ready and available to help you make your next product launch a huge success! They have a multitude of AV options that are right for every budget. Give them a call today!