You have decided that 2011 is the year to hold your first virtual event. You have read all the articles about these type of meetings and think your audience is ready to participate in the virtual world.

Before you start down the yellow brick road, you need to come up with a sound strategy and implementation plan that will reap the ROI you and your organization wants and the educational value your attendees need.

I have developed a listing of questions you need to consider before setting up the interactive technology tool rentals. Here they are:


  • …are you trying to accomplish with a virtual event? Are you trying to save money, reach new attendees, and/or hold a product launching event in several countries at the same time?
  • …challenge is your organization solving by holding a virtual event?
  • …forces are pushing you toward it?
  • …do the attendees want from this event?
  • …will success look like?


  • …are the attendees interacting? Are they at their own computers or gathered in a large meeting space?


  • …will your first virtual event start and conclude?


  • ….will be invited to attend this meeting?
  • …will answer the questions and concerns virtual attendees may have as they arrive?


  • …can virtual event rental services technology address the challenges facing your attendees?
  • …are you going to train your attendees to interact with your organization through this new medium?
  • …will sponsors be included?
  • …will you promote the event, build the buzz, and encourage attendees to sign up?
  • …will they join in on the meeting?
  • …will elements such as fun, education, networking, and trade show access take place?
  • …will success be measured?


  • …are you doing this?

According to Event Marketing Institute’s 2010 Eventview Snapshot study, marketing executives that were surveyed said the following:

  • 80% said their top business priority was to generate new revenue;
  • 50% said they needed to find ways to increase event attendance, brand awareness, and reduce costs; and
  • 33% said they needed to generate new leads.
With the focus on generating new revenue, increasing attendance, reducing costs, AND generating more leads, it seems that virtual events make sense and are here to stay. The question isn’t “Should we go virtual?” but rather “How do we add a virtual component to our event?” said Michael Doyle, Chief Executive of the Virtual Edge Institute.

AV Event Solutions, a California event services company, is here to help with your next virtual event. We can assist you with the right equipment, strategy, and technology to make your event outstanding.