ipad rentalYou and your team are being pressured by attendees to "go mobile" at your next meeting. You know intuitively it probably makes sense, but you need justification for your team's decision.

Here are 6 compelling reasons why iPads are being used by associations, corporations, and individuals planning meetings across the country. 

  1. iPads are a great way to keep in contact with everyone at the conference, disseminate information, and network.

    By creating an online community that allows attendees to see who is coming to the conference and when they arrived, helps connect them to each other. Because the iPad will be with the attendee all the time, event organizers can push out announcements and changes on a real-time basis. Using an app such as Sonar, can allow individuals to network easily and in a way that creates buzz for the organization. 

  2. The iPad allows for a homogeneous environment.

    By investing in one platform, and one platform only, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. All tablets are not created equal and what most individuals don't understand is that a 7" tablet doesn't have the same app support as a 10" one. Or even a smartphone. The only way you are certain the app will work is if you stick with one type of tablet. 

  3. Thousands of applications are written for the iPad.

    Are you concerned you will need to invest a ton of money into an app for your conference? Chances are,  there already is an app written for what you want or it can be tailored to your needs. With over 200,000 applications already on the market — and growing — Apple dominates the tablet marketplace in this arena. 

  4. You can get rid of the conference binder and be green, all in one fell swoop. 

    By loading applications that make sense for your meeting on the iPad, you are allowing attendees the freedom from carrying around a 5 pound bulky binder. iPads can run for about 10 hours before requiring a charge and you are not killing any trees by using them. They emit about 30% of the heat of a laptop — thus consuming even less energy when they are in the charging station. 

  5. Rent iPads because buying them is just too expensive. 

    You have a conference twice a year, one large and one medium sized. Buying iPads is just too much of a financial burden on your organization and since you are only meeting twice a year, hiring a conference services rental company to provide the mobile devices makes the most financial sense. 

  6. Hiring a conference equipment rental company to bring the iPads onsite, test and maintain them, replace any defective ones, and provide support will make your life much easier. 

    When renting audio visual equipment, hiring a partner that can provide all the items listed above will help you save a lot of time and make your event run much smoother.  

No matter what the quantity of iPads needed, AV Event Solutions can deliver them to your meeting, trade show, or event! An Account Executive will be your single source of contact for your entire rental experience and handle every detail for you! Contact them today for more information.