How do you go about choosing the Audio Visual Company for your meeting or event? Do you base your decision on price, value, service, experience, and/or the equipment they carry? 

During the last few years, a plethora of new AV technology has hit the market, intended to improve the event attendee’s experience. But with all these choices coupled with the decision criteria above, what AV organizations are best equiped to provide you with the best solution when renting audio visual equipment

Here is a 7-point checklist to help you sort out the various organizations that offer AV and choose the right one for your event:

Tip #1: Look at the Stability of the Organization. Ideally, you want to work with a company that has been in business for at least 3 years. Here are some other items to consider:

  • Number of Years in Business, more than 3
  • Expansive Customer List
  • Number of Employees, their roles and responsibilities
  • Annual Revenue and
  • Longevity of the Leadership Team

Tip #2: Vet Them. Make sure you choose an AV company that has a proven track record in providing the type of equipment and services you need. Check out the following:

  • Take a Tour of the Facility
  • Talk to the C-Level Executives
  • Ask for References and call them
  • Look at Testimonials on Website
Tip #3: Single Source AV Provider. Give the Audio Visual organization a complete listing of your needs and see if they have the inventory to match them. Find out who they will subcontract with if they cannot meet all your equipment needs and vet the subcontractor too. Regardless of the source of equipment, make certain the AV company you contract with will manage and be responsible for any questions or issues that arise on-site during the meeting. 

Tip #4: Look at their total support package.

  • Customer service, how fast do they return your calls and emails?
  • Do they resolve client issues quickly and completely?
  • Do they provide project management services?
  • Their website should contain best practices, blogs, and case studies, as well as, other information about the organization. 

Tip #5: Team Player.  The event audio visual rental company needs to work well with the meeting planner, venue, speakers, and sponsors. With this many partners involved in the event experience, it is vital that your AV partner communicate well and have a "can do" attitude during the planning and execution process.

Tip #6: On-site Security System Protocol.  Whether you rent iPads, audience response rentals, and/or wireless network array systems, it is important that the AV firm have a method to keeping track of their equipment and ensure the network is secure for attendees to access the Internet.

Tip #7: Available on-site Assistance, at a moment’s notice.  It is important that AV project managers and technicians be on-site to address any problems, changes, or concerns as they occur. 

AV Event Solutions can meet all 7 criteria and is most interested in gaining your business. Give them a call to learn more about how they can help you be very successful with your next event!