Lighting has had many improvements over the last few years and will continue to make progress throughout 2011 and beyond. The right lighting can enhance your next event by creating memorable brand experiences for your attendees. Below are 7 trends you should be following:

1. Architectural Projection Mapping
Evan Grant of Seeper explains the technology this way, "In simple terms, we take the architectural plans of a building — or if they don’t exist, we create them. Using these plans, we recreate the building as a 3-D model using computer software. Using super-bright projectors and our custom software, we project the model onto the building, aligning it to the architectural details."

Sometimes, video is better than words. This brief video shows you Architectural Projection Mapping in action:

2. Wireless Lights
This type of lighting is battery operated, no cables or electrical outlets. In addition, this type of LED lighting gives off no heat, thus allowing the battery life to be relatively long — up to 10 hours. Ideal for tabletops, tents, weddings, or lounge areas.

3. Organic LED (OLED)
OLED displays can be thinner and lighter than liquid crystal displays and work well in low ambient light conditions. An OLED screen can achieve a higher contrast ratio than a standard LCD. This technology can provide for maximum energy efficiency because it does not use mercury. Great for low light and interactive events such as dance floor lighting or surface tables.  
4. Use of more LEDs
LED units, as light equipment rentals, have been around for 10-plus years. "The advantages of all LED lighting are a huge reduction in power requirements, infrastructure, and cable and installation labor requirements, " said Chuck Newkirk of Screamlab. Because LED units do not emit much heat, they are can provide a wider spectrum of color.

5. LED Video Walls
The new LED–lit video wall combines LEDs to create the images with unique liquid cooling technology creating shows that have saturated colors and usability in 24/7 applications. The newest LEDs are cooler, have better color balance, and can be displayed on large screens, providing the ability for customers to integrate their message and lighting into one package.

6. Bold Color
Partly due to the economy picking up and partly due to the creativity of your light equipment rental company, bold colors are back. In fact, color is on fire. It’s a sign of up times and that we are coming out of the recession. Use them because vibrant colors have been shown to increase audience retention.

7. 3-D Lighting
It isn’t here yet, but it is coming. 3-D video lighting will allow, for example, a brand or product logo to be spinning above the crowd when conducting a product launching event. The use of vibrant colors along with 3-D lighting should help create a brand awareness campaign that will stick in the mind of the audience.

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