Training Services from AV Event Solutions
What should your next training program look like? Whether you are developing a program internally for your organization or contracting with an outside training firm to build and deliver it, below are the 5 must haves you need to make it a great success.

#1 How Much Time and Where Will it be?
Is this training going to be 2 hours, 1/2 day, full day, or over multiple days? Is it going to be on-site or off-site? These questions need to be addressed before you decide on content or select a trainer.

#2 Define Content and Purpose
What is the message? Choose 3-to-5 items to train on and drive them home. If you are training your personal for a product launching event, stick to the topic and do not deviate from the message one bit. Most training programs get off track, because they are too broad or the presenter doesn’t know how to bring the audience home. Stick to the agenda and time frame.

#3 Invest in a Qualified Trainer
Make certain the trainer is very knowledgeable about the topic. Make sure they know the material inside and out. Nothing is worse than a presenter standing before the audience who doesn’t know or understand the presentation services audio visual system and software. Or someone who is boring. Get the best of the best. Your attendees will thank you.

#4 Make the Format Interactive and Participative
Lectures are not appropriate for most training programs. By providing the attendees with wireless audience response systems, laptops, or rental iPads, you are allowing your audience members to download the presentation onto their mobile device and/or participate anonymously during question and answer period, and “test” the participants knowledge before they leave the training room. This also allows everyone involved to  buy into the training program and retain the information longer by asking for feedback, ideas, and knowing whether or not the message hit home.

#5 Invest in the Right Location and Audio Visual Equipment

  • Make certain your room or venue has wireless service
  • If you have a lot of interactive technology tool rentals, make certain the AV company has spare units on-site in the case of a crash or system malfunction
  • If you are renting a lot of computers or mobile devices, make sure the event rental services organization will deliver, install, and take down all equipment.
  • If you have a lot of technical equipment, you may want to hire a certified on-site technician to handle any audio visual issues that may arise during the training program.
Whether your company is training 10 new employees or conducting a product launching event for 10,000 participants, AV Event Solutions, a corporate audio visual firm, can provide turnkey solutions for training services through California and the Western US. Our knowlegeable account executives respond same-day, and give you the proper attention your next training program deserves.