holidayAccording to the Worldwatch Institute, we, in the United States, generate 5 million tons of food waste each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which is 3 times more than any other time of the year.
So, with holiday parties looming, what can we in the event meeting services industry do to cut down the waste and make our parties sustainable? Here are 8 ways to get you started:
    1. Have a RSVP Process. When sending out party invitations, give attendees a date to reply. If they miss that date, email or call them. One of the major reasons for cost overruns at any event gathering is because the coordinator has no idea who is coming so they always order extra food and beverage, which in turn is usually wasted. Get an exact count and then add 5% to that number “just in case.”


    1. Create a Detailed Budget. Determine all the items you will need to budget for, including but not limited to:
    2. Go Local for Everything. Sourcing everything local from the food to renting audio visual equipment is corporately responsible because it saves money on transportation and shipping, it puts local people to work, and it allows local businesses to take their revenues and re-invest it back into the local economy.


    1. Use Buffet Service or Food Stations. By providing guests with the option to eat what they want, when they want it, creates the opportunity for less food waste. In addition, buffet or station options are the least expensive option for food service.


    1. Use Smaller China or Glass Plates. Individuals will eat 40% less food if it is served on salad plates. China or glass plates can be recycled and used again and again.


    1. Donate Excesses to a Local Food Bank. This assures a lot less waste. When planning your menu for the party, you may want to plan it around what the food bank will and will not take.


    1. Reuse or Recycle Beverage Containers. Have recycle bins visible throughout the event or make certain the wait staff knows all beverages are to be recycled. Use glassware rather than throwaway plastic.


  1. Fore go Goody Bags and Donate to a Good Cause. Taking whatever budget you would normally dedicate for goody bags and instead putting it toward a good cause makes company employees and guests feel good about giving back. Some organizations buy holiday dinners for the needy while others provide a cash contribution to one or more non-profit causes.

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