The WWW ConferenceNo speeches. No slide shows. No podiums. No tickets or registration fees. What is going on and why is this happening?

Richard Saul Wurman, the creator of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) is launching a new conference methodology called The www.wwwconference which is planning to debut in September of 2012. His philosophy is:

  • No presentations
  • No schedule
  • No expensive tickets
Wurman suggests that 2 interesting individuals are on stage, prompted by a question, generating a spontaneous conversation for 10 to 50 minutes. 

Wurman’s goal is to make conferences feel like dinner parties, with great minds, having a conversation, 2 at a time. He feels improvisational one-on-one conversations, held in front of a small audience, and disseminated to the world through webinars or webcasts will have a greater impact on audience satisfaction with conferences. 

He says audience members are asking for spontaneity. "By exploring ideas and subjects in conversational modality, you’re more likely to have those shared moments of epiphany. You can get closer to the truth."

3 components of the conference include:

  • A live performance: Face-to-face interaction is still very important. 
  • A tablet application, to allow the attendees to participate in the conversation by interacting with the 2 individuals, with other attendees, as well as, virtual attendees. Event organizers can rent iPads or Tablet PCs to access this application and others.
  • A live stream to allow for a virtual audience to attend.
The overall goal is it make the meeting lively and engaging. 

How can your Audio Visual company assist you with this type of conference? Here are some ways they can help:

  • In this type of event, sound and lighting rentals are going to be extra important. Since there will be no visual reference, the audience is going to be focused on what they hear and see. A good, tested sound system along with the right lighting is going to give the event a special look and feel. 
  • Rent tablet PCs for your attendees. The applications can be preloaded onto the tablet and given to the attendees upon their arrival at the conference.
  • Have the AV technician and project manager work hand-in-hand with your virtual organization to ensure smooth interaction between the live and virtual audience. 
AV Event Solutions, a California event equipment rental company, can provide you with sound systems, microphones, iPads, Tablet PCs, project management, and technician support for your next conference. Give them a call today!