Your RFP is set and you are about to send it off to the Audio Visual vendors of your choice. It is the same template you have used for years, so why fix something that isn't broken, right? Wrong! WiFi Nework Array RentalToday's RFP needs to address the more technical (gulp!) requirements involved in your event. For every layer of technology you add to the event, there needs to a fast, robust, and secure Wi-Fi network at its backbone. Here are the questions and information you need to gather in addition to your standard "dates and rates" information.

  • Let them know how many wireless devices will be accessing the Wi-Fi. It is vitally important that you survey your attendees and ask if they have a smartphone, are bringing their laptop to the conference, and add in what event audio visual rentals you are going to have. Computer Kiosks, iPads, Tablet PCs, laptops, and smartphones are all going to want access to the network. And don't overlook your exhibitors, staff, and speakers. By knowing this number ahead of time, you will know whether or not you need to rent a Wi-Fi booster for additional access points and to boost your venue's bandwidth.
  • Explain how each device will be used. If you rent iPads, will the applications be native or web-based? Will every mobile device have full Internet access for emails and social media? Will the kiosk rentals have Wi-Fi access? All of this will impact the network and various "peak load times" will need to be planned for.
  • Ask the vendor to share with you similiar references to your event. Comparing an event with 50 attendees is very different than one with 500. After you share your device data (see bullet points above) with the vendor, ask them to share events that they have managed with similiar amount and types of connections.
  • Ask to see post-event attendee surveys from previous meetings. This is probably a good standard with any RFP, but especially one where Wi-Fi connectivity could make or break the attendee experience. Ask them to explain any negative feedback on the survey.
  • Ask how the interactive tools and network will be supported. If a touch panel kiosk doesn't function what happens? What are the measures to monitor traffic on the network? Where will the support team be and what are their credentials? All important questions as you look to keep everyone online, all the time, during the conference.
  • Do your own homework. Google the company, check their website, ask about them on Event LinkedIn groups, and search for user reviews. Credible reviews follow the "80/20 rule". If most of the information is positive, but it is sprinkled with some negative comments, look into the comments but don't let that make you eliminate the vendor.

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