Audience Response System Rental          Mobile Phone
Wireless Audience Response Systems have come a long way over the last year. Initially, designed as audience polling devices to be used with PowerPoint presentations, these units are now designed to be an integral part of the meeting. However, there have been recent developments with mobile applications on smartphones. Lets examine the differences between using audience response rentals versus downloading a smartphone app, and when and how each might be used within a meeting setting.
Audience response units usually enhance attendee involvement at any event. Some of the capabilities of an ARS polling unit include:
  • Voting to be used at an annual meeting
  • Survey Tool for evaluations at a training session
  • Pre- and Post-testing of new products or services at product launch event
  • Question and Answer designed for speaker feedback

Some of the newest advances in audience response system technology include the capability of the attendee to:

  • Text message via a QWERTY keyboard
  • Complete an electronic business card exchange
  • Utilize a high quality microphone within the unit
  • OLED color screen for sponsorships or messaging
Audience Response Systems are very easy to use, require minimal set up, and have great support from the corporate audio visual company

Mobile Phone Audience Response Apps may or may not require a download, can detect which phone is being used, and usually run on the following smartphones:
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android Google phones
Mobile phone apps can be used only for general event surveys and polling. Like all wireless Audience Response Systems, the intention of this application is to engage the audience and provide anonymous feedback to the event coordinators and speakers. The big advantage of this type of application is it offers live audience response via the attendee’s own smartphone, which means no devices to ship. However, the application is very limited and if some audience members don’t have smartphones or the right smartphones, they cannot participate, and it can create a disenfranchised feeling within the meeting environment.

Bottom Line
You need to know your audience and what will work best at your event. For the most part, using wireless audience response systems have been proven to increase attendee participation in a meeting or event. Smartphone applications may be an option, but it is estimated that less than 50% of Americans own smartphones, so in many meetings this application simply won’t work.
AV Event Solutions, an Audience Response System rental firm, has a variety of units that will make your next meeting, event, or conference highly interactive. Their team of knowledgeable technical specialists will make certain the right ARS fits your meeting and budget needs.