You sent out the RFPs, evaluated the AV company responses and narrowed it down to 3 potential providers. Before signing on the dotted line, you want to ask some follow up questions to make certain you are choosing the right supplier for your next conference. Here are 8 key questions to ask your next audio visual provider

  1. How much and what type of equipment does your organization have in inventory? Many experienced planners know that sometimes equipment requests happen at the last minute. Working with an event audio visual rental organization that has the diversity and quantity of inventory to meet your meeting needs can help give you some peace of mind. 
  2. Will you provide me with a detailed quote of specific equipment for each meeting room? Having a detailed listing does 3 things for you: (a). you can send it to your speaker for agreement and their sign off  (b).  you can determine if any equipment is missing from the quote and (c). you will have a pretty accurate assessment of your equipmetn budget. 
  3. What are your different labor rates? Labor costs are often the biggest expense with AV rentals. Knowing when the labor rate goes up or down can cause you to schedule set up and strike times accordingly. Negotiating a 24-hour hold on the room before and after your meeting should help keep labor rates in check. 
  4. How long will it take you to set up and strike the equipment? 
  5. How will you secure the AV equipment during a multi-day conference? Making sure there is a process to secure equipment at night and during long breaks will be a team effort between the event audio visual rental organization and the venue staff.
  6. How large is your staff and how experienced are they? Knowing the size, experience level and certification of the various staff members — along with the number of meetings they have orchestrated — can help you determine if they have the right mix of people and experience for your meeting. 
  7. Will the AV Technician be onsite during the meeting? Having a technician onsite and fully attentive to your meeting will make certain everything goes smoothly. The sound, lighting, presentation services audio visual equipment and Wi-Fi network array will be fully tested several hours before the meeting and an expert will be in the room to monitor the systems at all times. 
  8. Are you a local company? There are many advantages to having a local AV company manage your needs – including saving on shipping and labor cost, their knowledge of the event space and city your event will be held, and stimulating the local economy.  

AV Event Solutions is a California event equipment supplier who is ready to answer and deliver on the questions listed above. Contact them today for more information about their state-of-the-art AV equipment!