Are you looking for a better meeting? You want to enhance the meeting experience for your participants and you know you need to do it in order to keep attendees coming back, your trade show thriving and sponsors satisfied. So how can you do it — given the fact that you have so little time and no budget increase? 

Just like anything else in life, your meeting or event requires a plan that will focus on the attendee, exhibitors, sponsors, presenters and suppliers. How can you make your meeting plan better? Follow the 3 D's for success. Here they are:


What are the goals and objectives of the meeting?

Do you need to have a meeting or can the action required be handled through an email, teleconference or webinar?

Make certain to answer the following questions early on:

  • ​What will be presented and who will present it?
  • Who will be invited to attend the meeting?
  • When will you hold it?
  • Where will the event be held?
  • How will attendees get there?

The more focused you are on the goals, objectives and content of the event, the more likely you will choose the right format. 


Having the right meeting space that encourages engagement is important; along with the use of all 5 senses in that space. The meeting room should be viewed as comfortable and stylish. Here are some things to consider: 

  • The right sound and lighting rental options will help you welcome attendees and keep them engaged. Make certain everyone can see and hear the presentation. 
  • Touch technology delivered through tablets, smartphones and computer kiosks provide that tactical feel that keeps attendees interacting with content. 
  • Food and beverages in the meeting room summon the attendee's smell and taste senses. 
  • And remember to provide a meeting room that is neither too hot or too cold.  Keeping your attendee's comfortable will keep them focused on your message.

Spending time designing the space — especially with the right lighting, sound and presentation services audio visual equipment — will help set the stage for a great conference with your attendees. All along the planning process, ask this question "Would I feel welcome and engaged in this environment?"


Now that you have defined and designed your meeting, you need to execute it. So what will keep attendees happy? Here are a few ideas:

  • Have Fun. Create ways for attendees to laugh and learn. It can be anything from gamification to a scavenger hunt to really interesting speakers. Think of ways to keep people smiling.
  • Provide Fresh Content. This is probably one the biggest challenges event planners have…making sure their speakers are providing attendees with the most current and relevant information. 
  • Constantly poll attendees. Either through a wireless Audience Response System (ARS) or a mobile app, taking the temperature of the attendee at all times is the key to your long-term success and responding to their real-time needs. 

AV Event Solutions, now part of the SmartSource Rentals family, can help you design, execute, attract and engage with as many attendees as possible at your next event!