audiovisual equipment rentalsAs conference services professionals or meeting planners, in charge of renting audio visual equipment, it may have crossed your mind that you just don’t know enough about the equipment. Since audiovisual is critical to the success of so many events, perhaps you have made it your 2011 resolution to become a better expert with corporate audio visual rentals. Let me assure you, with the right audio visual partner, this part of your event planning equation will be easy. Here are some quick and easy tips to consider when selecting your next event services company.

Does the Audiovisual Rental Company have the Right Equipment for the Event?


How do you determine what is right? There are three key components to this question:
  1. What does the speaker want or need?
  2. What does the audience want or need?
  3. What options can the audio visual organization provide?

The best audio visual company will provide options based on budget, size of the room, and size of the audience. They should provide back-up rental equipment on-site with the technician. Make certain you get everything in writing.

Does the Event Audio Visual Rental Company have Qualified Technicians?


When considering an event services company, find out how many qualified AV techs they have and the experience level. What type of events have they managed before from the smallest to the largest? Interview one or more techs. Better yet, determine if you might see one of these technicians “in action” at a live event. Knowing that you have an experienced AV Technician(s) will make your life much easier and provide you with a “go to” person in case some glitch occurs during the event.

My recommendation is to pay the extra money and have the AV tech on site, all the time. That way, if a bulb burns out in a LCD Projector or an audience member can’t work their wireless audience response system, the tech is right there to help you in getting a replacement or resolving the problem.

How can the Corporate Audio Visual Rental Company Make the Event run Smoothly?

A good audio visual company will make sure the rental equipment is right for the room by spending time with the meeting planner going over the following details:
  • Getting each meeting room specs, including the square footage, seating set up, and speaker requirements. They will take the time to make certain the screen rentals, for example, are not too large or too small. They will make audio visual rental recommendations based on their expertise and the equipment requested, making sure it is just right for the room.
  • The event audio visual rental organization will make certain they know the amount of time they have to set up and tear down the equipment.
  • In order to confirm that everything is in order, ask the audio visual rental company to send their recommendations in writing, that way there is no misunderstanding.
AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment company, is staffed with qualified audiovisual technicians and are ready to help event meeting services planners in any way possible. Call or Request Express Quote today!