meetingMost meetings revolve around the discussion of ideas. The meeting's objective might be to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Overcome a challenge
  • Identify new business opportunities or
  • Discuss ways to conduct a product launching event

However with individuals pressed for time, travel budgets still being tight and technology solutions improving all the time, the question really is:

"What is a better meeting option: face-to-face or virtual?"

In the quest to answer this, the Meetology Group, in association with the IMEX Group, Dubai Convention Bureau, Barbican and the PCMA Education Foundation, conducted a research project with 104 participants to determine the best environment to generate ideas. 

The participants were divided into three categories 1) Face-to-Face 2) Videoconferencing or 3) Telephone conferencing. They were provided three problems and given three minutes on each problem to come up with as many possible implications, new uses and improvements as they could. The researchers measured the number, quality and variety of ideas. 

The outcome was that face-to-face meetings generate better quality, a wider variety, and more ideas than either of the other two methods. In fact, on average face-to-face partners generated 30% more ideas than video or telephone conferencing. In addition, the ideas were more original and creative than the other two methods. 

"These results appear to suggest that if you are a company or organization that needs to generate a high quality of fresh, new ideas then getting a group of staff or other people — perhaps stakeholders or customers — together in the same room will produce measurably more (results) than other methods," stated Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group. 

How can interactive technology tool rentals help with idea generation?

Here are some easy and productive ways technology can help:

  • Rent iPads with a mind mapping app on each of them and allow free flowing discussion between the group by engaging in "what if" scenarios. 
  • Poll attendees with wireless Audience Response Systems by having a series of questions posted on the PowerPoint presentation equipment. The answers — which are immediately generated and anonymous — can help spur additional discussion and creation of ideas. 
  • Post questions on a video wall rental or large Plasma LCD and ask attendees to answer the questions on their smartphone or tablet. 

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