When it comes to a large conference or meeting, the breakout rooms are essential to the success of the overall conference.

When considering conference equipment rentals one thing that is often overlooked are the needs in the breakout room. When evaluating a venue, it is best to consider the following checklist to ensure that the presentation services audio visual company can meet your needs.

Let’s start with the “Low Tech” items. Each breakout room should have the capability to be equiped with the following items. If you are realitively new to conference services, you might be surprised to learn how often these low tech items are not available at all or are in short supply.

  • Easels for signage and/or flip charts
  • Flip chart paper, enough units for each breakout room, if needed
  • Markers, with a variety of colors. Make sure they work and have plenty of ink!
  • Masking tape if the speaker wants to brainstorm with the audience
  • Podium, either tabletop or stand alone
  • White Boards with Dry Markers, again with a variety of colors that work

“Hi Tech” breakout rooms should have the capability to include:

  • PC or Mac Computer Workstations or Laptops
  • USB Slide Advancer with Laser Pointer
  • Digital Signage
  • Plasma TV
  • Projector and Screen Rental
  • Wireless Internet
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
  • USB Drives, given to attendees with the presentation loaded onto it

When considering a venue, obtain a listing and quantity of what conference equipment rentals listed above they have and which ones they do not. Find out if there are other meetings or conferences at that venue. Which conference equipment rentals are already committed to another organization?

Determine your speakers needs, find out what audio visual equipment they are bringing themselves, and look hard at your budget. Some speakers are very low tech and some are extremely high tech. Some bring nothing and others bring everything.

Look to AV Event Solutions, a California meeting equipment and services company, to help you make all your breakout sessions successful!