A Wireless Audience Response System, such as the one above,  combines hardware with presentation software.

Benefits of an Audience Response System


Audience Response Systems offer many benefits to Event Meeting Services Planners and Organizations. Here are just a few of the potential benefits:
  • Engages Audience: In a study completed at the four University of Wisconsin campuses, 69% of the 2,684 student respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Audience Response Systems led me to become more engaged in class.”
  • Poll Anonymously: Unlike a show of hands, responses by wireless hand-held remotes are anonymous.
  • Display Polling Results Immediately: The audience response system interacts with software that runs on the presenter’s computer that records and tabulates the responses of attendee members. Generally, the answer is displayed as a bar chart.
  • Confirm Attendee Understanding of Key Points: The Audience Response System polling can be easily integrated into a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and questions may be asked along the way. This is particually effective with complex materials in a large audience setting.
  • Gather Data for Reporting and Analysis: Responses are stored in a database and can be analyzed over time or compared group-to-group where the same questions are asked in different settings.
Key Applications for Audience Response Systems
Audience Response Clicker Rental
  • Marketing Research
  • Training Workshops
  • Educational Meetings
  • Departmental Meetings
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Medical Symposiums
  • Shareholder or Annual Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • ROI Measurement


Why Consider Audience Response System Rental Versus Owning?
  1. The per-unit purchase of an Audience Response System is high. With the option to rent an audience response system, your organization can move forward with the latest technology. This technology is always changing and keeping up with it can be a big burden on the meeting planner.
  2. By renting, the Event Planning Organization is avoiding the cost of maintenance and repair of the devices.
  3. Renting also allow the Audience Response System Rental Company the burden of making certain it is the right configuration and support for the presenter’s software. As software changes, so do the configurations and troubleshooting of the Audience Response Systems. With Event Planners so busy these days, do you want to add one more thing to the list?

Audience Response Systems can make the next meeting you plan more interesting, interactive, and memorable. Consider an audience response rental for your next event from AV Event Solutions.