Evernote        iPad Rental

As you are planning your conferences for 2012 and beyond? Now is the time to rent iPads and pre-install the app Evernote to replace those heavy binders event attendees usually carry around. So, why would you want to use Evernote over the old way of doing business?

Here are 6 great reasons to consider using Evernote at your next meeting or event:

  1. It’s FREE. 
  2. It runs on multiple mobile platforms and can be synced to them. Evernote can run on an iPad, laptop PC, and/or smartphone. By installing the app on all 3 platforms, this app allows the notebook (see below), along with any changes to that notebook, to be easily synced on all devices. This can work well with last minute changes and updates.
  3. The "Notebook" becomes your program binder. The notebook, is like a file folder on MS Office. You set up appropriate notebooks for your conference. For example, one might have the agenda, another might have the attendee listing, and another things to do and see in the host city. Each notebook could look something like this: 

    Notebooks in Evernote

  4. Evernote has great search capabilities. As long as you tag your data, Evernote will know which notebook the information is in. It has a search bar at the top of the application. You can also search the Internet via Google at the top of each page.
  5. It has a share button. This will allow the event meeting services organization, attendees, and speakers to share the following with each other: 
    • Notes
    • PDFs
    • Webpages and Links of Trade Show Exhibitors
    • Pictures of Event Staff, Speakers, and VIPs
    • Word Documents
    • PowerPoint presentations from the Speakers
    • Emails
    • Videos from the Sponsors
  6. Get Skitch, while you are at it. When you rent iPads with Evernote, you should include this application, too. Skitch allows the iPad user to: 
  • Add arrows, shapes, and text to existing images
  • Draw something new
  • Share sketches and annotations over Twitter and email
  • Save everything to Evernote

AV Event Solutions, has plenty of 1st and 2nd generation iPads and Wi-Fi Boosters available to rent if you are event planning in California. Give them a call today or check out their convenient express rental quote for a quick turnaround response!