Here are some astounding facts about the recent wedding between William Windsor and Kate Middleton:
  • 2,000 people attended the service in Westminster Abbey;
  • 1,000,000 people lined the streets and parks along the route to and around the Abbey;
  • 2 billion people watched the ceremony worldwide;
  • There were 5,500 street parties and;
  • 8,500 journalists covered the story.
Wow! We, in the event meeting services industry, would love to just have some of this type of attraction and attendance at our next event or meeting. What can we learn and how can we create the "William and Kate effect"? Here are some tips I gleaned from watching the wedding and following the buzz on Twitter that can help.

Tip #1: Relate to your audience
William and Kate are a handsome, healthy, positive minded couple, but it is their ordinariness that appealed to their viewers. Kate, as a commoner, provides the hope that any ordinary person can marry "Prince Charming".

Does your event relate to your attendees? What do you know about them? Their backgrounds or interests? If you want to have a good event, understand your audience and how they can relate to your event.

Tip #2: Have an exceptionally well planned and rehearsed event. 
The Royal Wedding must have had several hundred people involved in this event. They knew every detail would be televised, so it had to seem flawless. From the time of the engagement, the event organizers had a plan for everything, including media exposure. Everything was rehearsed several times with contingency plans galore.

How well written is your event plan? What about communications? Have you rehearsed and rehearsed the flow of the event or are you going to leave things to chance? If you are renting audio visual equipment, has it all been tested and set up well before the event begins? 

Tip #3: Don’t tell your attendees everything in advance.
Kate did not reveal to the world anything about her dress. The first time the world saw it was when she entered the car with her father. 

Create some mystery about your event. Make certain you give enough detail to entice them to come, but leave a few things out. Let them know what you are leaving out so there will be some pre-event buzz about it. Perhaps you are having a well-known keynote speaker. Give your attendees enough information to become excited about who this person might be, but don’t reveal the name. 

Tip #4: Create a loyal following.
The royal family has been adamantly loyal to the Commonwealth, through good times and bad.

Are your attendees loyal? Do they come back to your association meeting or corporate function year after year? If not, perhaps they don’t feel you have paid enough attention to them and their questions or comments. If your conference is not growing or your attendance is constantly churning, perhaps now would be a good time to understand why. Have you been everything you could be to your attendee? 

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