super bowlThe infamous Super Bowl has turned into America’s new holiday. It draws us in with all the hype of Christmas and the 4th of July combined. It’s viewership is greater than the World Series and NBA Finals. And the Super Bowl Party is usually attended by couples who may have a football aficionado and a football ignoramus, who are usually married to each other. What is the appeal and what can event meeting services companies learn from the Super Bowl? Plenty! Here are some tips to carry forward in your next meeting or event.

The Super Bowl has Something for Everyone.

Think about this: a person who knows nothing about football or the teams playing, will usually go to the Super Bowl party for the company, the commericals, and the food. The football junkie goes for the game. Period. But at the end the night, everyone is happy.
So, are you doing the same? Do you really understand your attendees and are you driving your agenda to reach the needs of everyone? 

The Super Bowl has Great Pregame Hype. 

One hour before the game, you can learn about the team, the coach, their journey to big game, and individual players. If you never knew the teams before, you now have a better understanding of who they are and where they came from.

What are you doing to hype your conference or event? How are attendees getting to know the speakers or each other? One great way for attendees to learn more about the speakers can be through computer kiosks. Having computer kiosk rentals available to attendees to view videos, interviews, bios, and photographs of the speakers can make them more connected. In addition, providing creative networking opportunities, before the conference starts, also brings attendees closer. 

Super Bowl Parties have a TV in Every Room. 

Usually, you will find a TV in the living room, kitchen, family room, and even outside in the patio area. No one wants to miss a thing, so the game is everywhere. 

Are you making your event accessable everywhere and can everyone see what is going on? Renting Plasma TVs for the back of the room and/or outside the meeting room allows individuals to see what is going on even if they are far away or called out of the room to take a phone call. 

The Super Bowl puts their Keynote Speaker at Half-Time.

The Super Bowl doesn’t lead with entertainment or wait until the end of the game. They do it right in the middle of the event. People may love or hate the entertainment, but it is always a topic of discussion. 

Where is your headliner? Most conferences start or end with the keynote. But what about shaking it up and putting your headliner in the middle of the conference? It would be different and people would remember it, especially if it appeared more like a show, with sound and lighting rentals

AV Event Solutions can make your next event Super Bowl-quality with computer kiosks, sound systems, and light equipment rentals. Give them a call today!