footballLast Sunday's Big Game is probably one of the most hyped, talked about, and watched sports game on TV. It is bigger than the World Series® and the NBA® Finals. It has broad mass appeal and it provides something for everyone. It is a reason to gather at someone's home or a local establishment. Even if you do not understand football very well, it is a game you would go to, just so you could scratch it off your bucket list. 

What is it about last Sunday's football game that is so great and what can meeting planners learn from it? Here are five analogies we can use in the industry: 

Truth #1: There are Fans in the Stands and the Teams Play Before a Sold-Out Crowd.

The Big Game has very high ticket prices along with costly accommodations BUT they always sell out. The fans are very passionate and excited to be part of the experience. 

Is your meeting always sold out? Are your attendees excited and passionate to be there? Are they rooting for a successful meeting? If not, perhaps your meeting needs an overhaul. Poll your attendees at each meeting with Wireless Audience Response Systems and find out what will make them excited to be there. 

Truth #2: The Ravens and 49ers Earned Their Spot Through a System of Playoffs. 

Each team needed to play well during the regular season and then, play extremely well during the playoffs. These two teams are the "best of the best" the NFL® has to offer. As the season and playoffs progressed, the fans became more and more excited and engaged in the hopes that their team would make it to the Big Game. 

One way to garner excitement about your event is to start small and build momentum. If you are planning a national product launching event later this year, maybe you start with a local meeting in your city, followed by a series of regional meetings and then finally, the national launch. By starting small, you can accomplish two things: 1) You can learn from your mistakes and 2) You can build  momentum about the event. 

Truth #3: Football has 11 people on Each Team, and Everyone Knows Their Position. 

At the line of scrimmage, every team member whether they are offense or defense knows their role in the game. 

Meeting planners are usually working with at least 11 different suppliers, including conference equipment rental providers. Does everyone know their place and more importantly, do they work as a team? 

Truth #4: Football has Only One Head Coach. 

Yes, there are assistant coaches guiding the head coach and team mates but when decisions need to be made, the head coach makes them. He listens, watches, and then makes the call based on the best information he has at the time. 

Are you acting like the head coach of your team? Are you directing your team toward a winning event, even under the threat of great competition? 

Truth #5: Football Provides a View from Top. 

A coach is positioned up in a box viewing all the action on the field. They can see all the activity, both offense and defense, and make recommendations to the head coach based on this view. 

Do you have someone that can help you call in the audibles? See what you cannot because you are too close to the action? Having an outside view can help improve your event because they are not "down on the field" running the day-to-day action. 

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