Have you ever wondered what technology tools are available to help make your next conference or event run smoother? Be more interactive? Or what cool applications your attendees would like? 

Below is a creative reminder of just some of the planning and technology offerings, from A to Z. This blog will cover A to M. Wednesday’s blog with provide ideas from N to Z.


Wireless Audience Response Systems are handheld devices given to all attendees to answer multiple choice questions about a speaker, topic, testing questions, or for voting purposes. 


This application works on smartphones and the iPad and allows attendees to share photos, apps, music, and contact information with each other through a gentle bump of the devices.


Computer Kiosks have many applications including self-service event check-in, virtual concierge, speaker bios, videos, and sponsorships. 


Interactive Kiosks can direct attendees to meeting rooms without the expense of printed signage. They can also be changed in a moment’s notice if meeting room changes occurs. 


Most full-service event planners now incorporate technology into their event proposals to cut down on printing and shipping expenses, as well as, providing their clients with greener alternatives.


This application allows attendees with smartphones to check-in their location and let other attendees know where they are. It is great for scavenger hunts and provides more interaction between participants.


This is the use of game technology to engage attendees through video game mechanics. It can be used to train employees, team build, or at product launching events. If you rent iPads, these applications can be pre-loaded for the attendees. 


Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows attendees or event organizers to post and monitor activity from several social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Rent iPads to allow attendees to keep everything in one place; their conference program, presentations, notes, speaker bios, video, sponsorships, and social media — all while walking around and networking at the event.


Work with your event partners, such as AV Event Solutions, to help justify the expense of technology over printed materials. 


Kiosks are great on the trade show floor, hotel lobby, conference foyer, and convention hallway because they are accessible all the time, can show video, provide quizzes, and allow for touch panel interaction.


Lighting is such an important part of most events…it sets the mood. New LED lighting is going to revolutionize lighting options. For all your lighting options, work closely with the AV Project Manager.


Here too, there are many options for the meeting. Knowing more about the room, the number of people attending, and having a quality soundcheck is key to providing the best sound.

Interested in adding any of these interactive technology tools to your next event? AV Event Solutions can provide you with planning and technology rentals from A to Z. Give them a call today

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