On Monday, we covered the interactive technology tools meeting planners can explore and use from A to M. Today’s blog is dedicated to the latter half of the alphabet, N to Z.


This is going to allow mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to communicate with each other when they touch or are only a few centimeters away. It will be used for business card exchange, credit card payments, and distribution of conference materials and brochures. A fast and secure Wi-Fi Network Array will be the key to implementation of this technology.


Having AV technicians onsite will enable you to keep the event going, if there is a product malfunction or a light or battery needs to be replaced. Onsite support also ensures adequate testing has occurred and provides for fast strike time, if needed.


Flat panel Plasmas are great alternatives to the standard screen rentals. They provide high resolution and can be strategically placed throughout the conference.


These little black and white pixels make up Quick Response (QR) codes which are a great way to disseminate information to attendees. They are scanned by smartphones or tablets.


These high-quality devices can capture the presentation, quickly transfer the recording to an USB drive, and allow for uploading onto the company website for future reference.


There are many screen options including tripod, fastfold, and widescreen fastfold. An experienced AV supplier can help you choose the right screen for your meeting.


Rent Tablet PCs, which are in high demand because they are lightweight, have a long battery life, and have a multitude of applications that can be easily preloaded onto the device.


Regardless of how small or large your meeting is, you will need a LCD Projector and Screen rental, quality sound, and adequate lighting.


Providing video on computer kiosks and iPads will bring any presentation to life quickly and effectively. Video can also be used at the trade show booth level and provide a more memorable and professional presence for sponsors.


Having Wi-Fi at a venue is different than providing it in a fast and secure network for 500 or 1,000 attendees. Utilize AV Event Solution’s Wi-Fi checklist to make certain your network will be lightning fast!


Does your event have energy, buzz, and entertainment value? Providing this can give your event positive energy and can be created through sound and lighting rentals.


Posting some of your event video on YouTube is a great option, especially if you are looking to go viral in the process.


Yes, once in a blue moon, the equipment will break down or the sound system will go silent. But with qualified AV technicians and project management support onsite, any bump in the road can be readily resolved. Because great AV providers test and maintain their equipment, it is quite rare to see a problem during an event.

AV Event Solutions can provide you with great A to Z options for your next meeting or event! Give them a call today if you are event planning in California.