Every time your organization announces a new product or service, it helps differentiate you from the competition. And in today's "dog-eat-dog" world, it is important to do whatever you can to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.  

So, how do you make your product launch extra special and memorable? It starts with a plan that encompasses the guest list and ends with your conference equipment rental decision. Here is a checklist of the things you should do to get started on your launch:  


Determine who you are going to invite to the event. There are 5 types of attendees to consider:

  • Current and Past Customers
  • Warm and Cold Prospects
  • Investors
  • Traditional and Digital Media Outlets and 
  • Employees

Determining the total number individuals on your guest list will help you move forward on the next phase of your planning. 

Now that you know how many attendees you will invite, you need to select the appropriate venue. Here are a set of questions to consider: 
  • Will the event be at your location or a hotel, conference center or other facility? 
    Obviously, a meeting held at your location will be the least expensive option but you also need to consider the interruption such event will have on your day-to-day operation. A conference center or out-of-the-way location can bring out individuals who are curious to see a unique venue and have the time to tour it, such as a mansion, national park or country club. 
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
    Due to technological and lighting improvements, an outdoor event is very feasible and can be an attractive option especially in the spring or summer months. 
  • Will it be held during the day or in the evening?
  • What sort of mood are you setting?
    Sound and lighting rental equipment will help you create the right atmosphere. Having the event at your company headquarters, indoors and during the day will set a different mood than holding it at a country club, outside and in the evening. 
  • How will you highlight the product or service?
    Putting the product on stage with specialized light equipment rentals will keep continuous focus on the features you are launching. 
When you rent audio visual equipment, you want the audience to use their senses to engage in the meeting and remember your product launch for a long period of time. A great AV company provides the technology to bring the message to life through visuals, sound, lighting and interactive tools such as iPads and wireless Audience Response Systems
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