Can gaming really make a difference with attendees? Yes, it can according to David Nieborg a Digital Strategist who was recently interviewed in MPI's One+ Magazine. Below is a summation of the article as well as key takeaways about gaming tactics in a meeting environment. 

Here is an interesting projection:  

"70% of Global 2000 organizations will use Gamification simulations by 2015." — Gartner Research

In addition, according to Nieborg

"It's easier to play. It's cheaper to play. There are more options, more genres. These are incredibly exciting times for game research." 

"Smartphones and other intuitive technologies are constantly lowering the barrier and the threshold for participation." 

We already know smartphones, tablets and apps are growing in use by leaps and bounds. According to Nielson, it is estimated at the end of 2012, 51% of all U.S. citizens owned smartphones and 18% owned tablets. With over 500,000 apps developed to date for mobile technology and the price point dropping for smartphones, more and more individuals will be using this technology in meetings. Gaming apps are going to be a big part of this overall app development. 

Event meeting services organizations, here are the 6 factors to consider if you are implementing gamification into your next meeting or event: 

  1. How is the gaming app going to meet your conference goals and objectives? 
    Yes, gaming is fun but it needs to meet the goals for the conference. It has to have some measurable results.
  2. It cannot be a last-minute add on. 
    The games need to be well thought out and tied to the overall conference objectives. Finding or writing the right app will take time. 
  3. You need to solicit a recruitment team. 
    Letting attendees know about the gaming app before they arrive at the conference will be instrumental in the success of its acceptance. If you rent iPads and have the app on the tablet, this recruitment team can be at the registration area showing attendees how to use the tablet and get them excited about the gaming app. 
  4. Make sure the rules are well written. 
    All games have rules and making them understandable for a group of 1,000 or more attendees can be quite daunting. Make sure the rules are simple and unambiguous. 
  5. Reward attendees for their efforts. 
    Gamification can be implemented at every turn — for check-ins, surveys participation, test learning, sponsorship integration, trade show scavenger hunt and the list goes on and on. Providing points for each of the games and then rewarding individuals when they reach different point pinnacles, will be how you can keep the attendee engaged in the process. 
  6. Recognize attendees that participate even if it is just a little.  
    Even if attendees don't fully grasp or appreciate gamification, recognize their efforts — even if they only tweet once or participate minimally in a networking event — you have started them on a path to technology acceptance. 

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