January 1Happy New Year! If you are like most Americans, you have thought about, or even written down, one or two personal resolutions you want to see accomplished in 2012. But have you ever thought about resolutions to help your meeting attendees?

Even though we are expected to continue to experience a sluggish economy and tight budgets, there are some simple and effective ways we can contribute to the wellness of our stressed-out attendees.

Here are some wellness tips that won’t break the bank:

Look to Unique Venues.

Most of the time, we in the event meeting services industry, stick to hotels and convention centers as our venues of choice. But what about a spa, campground, or National Park? Often times, these locations can offer attendees much more value than your conventional hotel. Here is a checklist of things to consider when looking at venues "off the beaten path":

  • Will this location calm my attendees?
  • Does this venue offer scenic views or wide open spaces?
  • Do they offer massages?
  • Do they offer fitness classes, including yoga and Pilates?
  • Do they offer golf and tennis?
  • What about walking trails? 
  • Does the venue offer nutritional cuisine? 
  • What about horseback riding?

Make Fitness Easy.
All the items listed above, should be at the venue location or available via a convenient shuttle service that requires very little wait time and is available early in the morning and late at night. 

Hire Inspirational Speakers. 
If your meeting is in January, consider hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist, doctor, or someone who has lost a lot of weight. Encourage them to use PowerPoint presentation equipment to tell their story. Most attendees will be inspired by "before and after" stories from speakers who have lost a lot of weight or helped individuals to become fitter. 

Make Healthy Food Choices
Instead of croissants, offer low-fat muffins. Instead of soda, water. More fruits and vegetables. Instead of beef, have boneless, skinless chicken breast. Ask to work with the chef on menu choices and don’t be afraid to offer a vegetarian choice or two during the conference. 

Tea is the Number 1 Beverage
According to research, tea helps fight cancer, heart disease, lower blood sugar, fight colds, and prevent gum disease. 
Make Breaks Healthy. 
Most people make a bee-line to the bathrooms and/or food during the 10-minute breaks between sessions. How about extending the breaks and offering the following?

  • Chair massages. Have enough chairs and massage therapists available so attendees don’t need to wait in a long line.
  • Stretching sessions. Stretching can energize attendees and help them work out any kinks in their backs and necks. 
  • Nutritional information posted at each snack option so attendees are aware of the caloric content of each choice. 

Embrace the senses. 

  • During breaks, play sothing music and lower the lights through a high quality sound and lighting rental system. 
  • Look at LED light equipment rentals for more subtle lighting options. 
  • Consider aromatherapy to help concentration and reduce tension. 
  • Touchscreen technology, such as iPads or computer kiosks, can give attendees a tactical feel to their learning process. 

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